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3 Common Habits That Ruin Your Mood and Day

  • Farid Uz Zaman Al Azad
  • Farid Uz Zaman Al Azad
  • 24 Jul 2019


Everybody wants a great start to the long day ahead. You want to get up and begin preparing yourself with great enthusiasm. You want to begin the journey from your home with a happy mind. But there is a difference between what we do and what we expect. If you expect a great start, you need to follow a certain routine and avoid certain bad habits. You want to know about it right? Here are three common habits that ruin your mood and day. 

Skipping Breakfast and Eating Junk Food

We all are in a hurry to catch our class or catch the bus. What we lose in the meantime is our health. Just like it ruins our mood when we don’t find the key to a door or can’t find a pen when we need it the most, skipping the breakfast ruins your body. It happens before you even realize it. You do not notice it at once but eventually, you feel annoyed or irritated. You cannot quite understand what actually is making you feel like this, but it’s actually missing out your breakfast that ruins your mood and day. There is a reason why breakfast is called the most important meal of the day, not lunch or supper. Skipping breakfast gradually slows down the metabolism of your body and create an imbalance with your blood sugar levels. Having one or two pieces of biscuits or loaf and a glass of water makes an unbelievable difference than eating nothing at all. So yeah, give your body the fuel it needs to operate properly.

It’s almost impossible these days to escape from eating fast food. But it’s all about controlling yourself. Your body is your asset and if you maintain it well, you are the one who will enjoy the rewards. By having junk food continuously, you are filling up your body with unhealthy elements. Whenever you feel thirsty, avoid drinking carbonated beverages, instead order fruit juice or water. During lunch or dinner at a restaurant, take rice, mashed potato, or salad, not fries. If you feel hungry when returning home, try not to stop by at a fast food joint, bear with it, return to home and then have the fresh homemade food. Keep a bottle of water and one or two small packs of biscuits with you, so that if you feel thirsty or hungry, you will be able to avoid drinking soda or oily snacks like singara-samusa. These little changes in habits bring a lot of improvements to our health. Try out and see for yourself!

Not Having Proper Sleep

Just like food, another important need for your body is sleep. Your body cannot function properly if you do not maintain the proper sleeping hours. Staying up late or not sleeping at all during the night is very common these days and this is certainly bad for our health. Our body needs to be maintained clockwise, just like a mechanical instrument, in order to function it without any failure. You are torturing your body by not sleeping at night. If you do not have a sound sleep, you will wake up like feeling dizzy, sometimes with a headache. Now how will you survive throughout the day without any trouble?

Sleeping properly is directly related to making your day or ruining it. So, you need to have 8 hours, if not at least 6 hours sleep at night. Trying to make up the deficit hours by sleeping in the morning doesn’t help. If you do not have enough sleep, it slowly weakens your immune system. You wake up in the morning feeling irritated, and you stay that way all day long. It creates anxiety, dulls your brain and reduces productivity at your workplace. A sound sleep at night has its own significance to keep your health sound as well.

Making Assumptions before Knowing the Truth

You wake up and check your phone expecting a ‘Good Morning’ message from your loved one, you find out no text came. You get mad, start thinking he or she doesn’t love you the same as before. You stay mad at your partner blaming that person for ruining your mood. Imagine another scenario, you call your friend or partner and you get the line busy; you start thinking that person might be talking to someone else, prioritizing that someone over you. You get angry, not calling again and certainly not asking who he or she was talking to and didn’t call back. You let your ego get in the way.

You assume, and it’s generally always the worst and it totally ruins your mood and the rest of the day. That is where we make a mistake. Because, in most of cases, life happens. The person on the other side might be really caught up with something important. That person might be dealing with something urgent you can’t even imagine. It also creates a misunderstanding between two persons. When you make up something in your mind, it gets difficult to believe what the other person is saying, even if it is the truth. Assuming without asking directly doesn’t give you peace of mind, instead, it messes up with your brain, and you mess up at your workplace. So yeah, it’s always better to try to learn the truth first.


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