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4 Ways to Manage Grocery Items During Quarantine

  • Ishrat Jahan
  • Ishrat Jahan
  • 18 Apr 2020

As much as we thought working from home was a privilege, having to confine our lives entirely within the four walls surely has to be the most difficult part about the lockdown. By now, most of us already stocked whatever food and disinfectants we could out of panic ever since the lockdown was declared. However, grocery, which is mostly consumed fresh, remains a concern.

Here’s a list of things that you should do before you convert your grocery into something absolutely scrumptious.

1.     Wash Away:

Washing generally helps in removing bacteria and microorganisms from the surface of fruits and vegetables. Hence, washing away the soil attached to it is particularly important. It is advisable to wash vegetables, under a running tap and rub them underwater to get rid of the bacteria. Moreover, more attention needs to be placed while washing loose produce as it tends to have more soil attached to it than pre-packaged fruits and vegetables. Peeling or cooking fruits and vegetables can also remove bacteria to an extent.


2.     Expiry Tips:

Leafy greens must be rinsed, wrapped in a paper towel or tea towel, before refrigerating in a container or sealed plastic bag. This way the vegetables stay fresh for longer and takes a while to get expired.


3.     Precautionary Steps:

It is utmost important to stay cautious while receiving delivery as the chance of the infection to be transferred remains high while exchanging food or money. Thus, going for contactless delivery can be a wise option. You could advise the delivery person to leave the grocery at your door and pay using your card to avoid contact. In case that’s not an option, try to wear gloves while receiving groceries or change. The same rule allows applies in case you are having to go out physically to fetch some.


4.     Patience is the Key!

While online shopping sales have skyrocketed for some E-Commerce sites, it is still vital to do proper research and choose from the most reliable sources when it comes to grocery items. To avoid the hassle of not finding a time slot you can check in on the service and keep refreshing their windows throughout the day. Although it may take a little persistence, eventually you may be able to book a slot if you refresh your page every hour or so. Most importantly it is necessary to remain patient at this hour.

And, in case you are wondering where to order from, check out the links below:

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