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4 Ways to Save Time Everyday

  • Saif Mahmud Ishtiak
  • Saif Mahmud Ishtiak
  • 11 Nov 2019

The 21st century society means increased workloads and more social responsibilities, as we are taking on more and more as a society. We all wish we had more time. More time to relax, more time to get in shape, more time for our friends and family, and more time for ourselves. Hence comes one of the most common complaints these days “I don’t have time.” We’re all familiar with the quote, “Time and tide wait for none.” Every single person living in this planet has 24 hours a day. It doesn’t matter whether the person is Jeff Bezos, the richest man of the world or the countless number of poor people across the globe. Saving time is an art but mastering this art is easier said than done. Saving time means better productivity. It depends on the individual on how they utilize 24 hours. There are plenty of ways to save time throughout the day. Let’s look into 4 ways that can be incorporated into the daily lifestyle which might switch things up a little.

Utilizing Every Moment

Routine is the ground rule to save time in daily life. A good routine makes it much easier to get things done and it frees the brain for other things. So it is necessary to write down a to-do list routine and also love it. Without a list, it's easy to get distracted throughout the day and being unproductive as a result. A simple list allows concentration and scheduling time effectively. The feeling of checking things off as soon as they’re complete is highly satisfying. But a prioritization is another big issue here. Picking up a pen to write down a to-do list can also end up sucking off valuable time. From grocery lists to priority lists, the to-do list should be written carefully. Not only will we know exactly what to do at which point in time, we’ll also not need to go through the burden of wasting our precious minutes trying to remember exactly that when the situation calls for it.

The advent of technology has made utilization of time more effective. It has made everything and anything accessible with its myriad of smartphones and we can now work in multiple places than ever before. Smartphones give us a huge advantage when it comes to the little tasks that are work related, like replying to a quick e-mail or sending out an important message; all while waiting in line or commuting on public transport or being stuck in traffic. It is vital to benefit from the rise of technology by ticking things off the to-do list.


Handling Tasks Smartly

One should quickly be done with simple tasks. It is advised not to switch between small projects because according to psychologists, the mind can take only about seven pieces of information at a time. Multitasking is a skill that many have learned to master, our own parents have set a dominating example. There is no denial about the fact that we have boasted about multitasking at least once in our busy lives. However, research suggests that focusing our attention on more than one thing at a time may be a huge time waster. These researches say that multitasking costs 40 percent of productivity. The predicament is, we think two tasks are being done simultaneously, but actually we’re switching rapidly from one task to another. The human brain easily gets distracted. Instead of focusing on one task and finishing it as soon as possible, we allow ourselves to be pulled off task numerous times. As a result the original task eats up more time than it should have. Switching from one task to another makes it difficult to tune out distractions and can cause mental blocks that can slow down progress. There is also possibility of more errors and inhibition of creativity during multitasking. Therefore, getting into the habit of focusing on one sole task and completing it before moving on to something else is a great way to save time in daily life.

Keeping Track of Time

“What gets measured gets done.” It is advised to try measuring time at least once a week, preferably every day. By measuring time, one can evaluate whether the time is spent wisely. Time-wasters should be focused on one by one. After quickly getting over the shock of how much time is wasted, reapportion on where it will do more good has to be done. Steady improvement will enhance motivation to eliminate even more time-wasting practices. People often lose themselves on projects with little importance or impact. One can invest a few minutes each morning to self-assure that the projects adopted will actually have a positive impact. Then the projects have to be ranked according to priority.


A person’s day belongs to them. We may choose to give it to work, friends, social media, Netflix or whatever but ultimately it is our time and we can choose how to use it. Instead of battling it, we can show time that we are in control. Me-time is very important regardless of how little time the day seems to offer. Not spending at least a couple of minutes getting to know the soul and the direction can end up as the main reason for more time loss during the day. A tired mind and body is the one that takes longer to nail even the easiest of tasks. Just checking in with the soul will set straight the priorities in life and guide in making decisions that determine the importance of time.

To conclude, time can be even more important than money. One can’t buy time, so it vital to make a conscious attempt to incorporate lifestyle changes that can maximize the number of hours available in a day.


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