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5 ways you can always count on Ammu

Mothers! What would we do without them

  • Nusaira A. Hassan
  • Nusaira A. Hassan
  • 22 May 2019

5 ways you can always count on Ammu

We never hesitate in asking our moms for anything and everything we need. And yet, somehow these magical human beings find ways to keep us happy secretly by doing things that we didn’t even ask for and didn’t even know that we needed!

Saving us the best piece of meat or fish

Whether you love chicken roast or ইলিস মাছের পেটি, ma always makes sure you can have the best piece even without you having to ask for it. If you are not home yet, she will even hide your favorite one from everyone else.

Having our backs

No matter how many times we fight with her or show  dissent, she will never stop being our number one cheerleader. The relatives and the পারার প্রতিবেশী aunties continue to have multiple questions and unwavering interest in our lives. Moms will stand by what we do and defend our choices far and wide, even if it’s the very thing that they fight with us about.

Never expecting a thank you or sorry

My mother always says, “Motherhood is a thankless job.” No matter what she does or how many times she does it, a mother never expects anything in return. For her, the happiness and safety of her kids are all she needs. And if the same kids hurt her or argue with her, she won’t be expecting a sorry in return.

Cooking your favorite dish without you having to ask for it

A mom always knows what’s in her child’s heart even if the latter doesn’t explicitly mention it. She magically knows what you are craving for and makes sure that your favorite dishes are piping hot and ready for you as soon as you get home. She can even conjure up your favorite হালিম in the sweltering heat of May in Ramadan if it brings a smile to your face for a few minutes. Even if she is not cooking your favorite items, she will make sure you are not wasting any food by eating your leftovers.

Shopping for us

Whether it’s a new shirt, our favorite cereal or anything else we might need but are too busy to buy, moms will make sure we always have everything on hand. Even if we forget to make a shopping list, all that we need will somehow always finds its way within our reach, courtesy of our mothers.

There are lines after lines dedicated to mothers and what they do for us. But that still isn’t enough to capture the profundity of their love for us. Every mother-child relationship is unique in its way. But there are some instances in which we can always count on them, no matter what.  Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! Celebrate with your mom, আম্মু or আম্মাজান and don’t keep your love for her a secret!

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