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7 Ramadan Offers we’ve all been waiting for!

Want to know where to go for Iftar this Ramadan? Check out our list of best Iftar offers in Dhaka City

  • Sakib Khondoker
  • Sakib Khondoker
  • 23 May 2019


7 Ramadan Offers we’ve all been waiting for!

It's that time of the year again!

The time when restaurants all across the city are crowded with hungry customers who cannot wait to break their fast with a mouthful of delicious Iftar platters. To cater to them, many restaurants and food joints have come up with unique Iftar Offers.

We have taken on the task of identifying the best of such offers so that you the readers can enjoy the very best Iftars this Ramadan.

The list is separated into two parts: Unlimited Pizza & Burger Offers and Buffet Offers.  

Let’s start with the Unlimited Pizza & Burger Offers

Unlimited Pizza & Burger offers are currently the most hyped up iftar offers of the town. With prominent restaurants promoting their sumptuous platters for hungry customers to delve in, here are some of the most sought-after Unlimited Pizza & Burger Offers of 2019:

Pizza Guy:  One of the fastest growing Pizza restaurants, Pizza Guy is the first one on the list with their unlimited pizza offer encompassing more than 15+ varieties of pizzas with bottomless soft drinks. This offer is not one to be missed.

Pizza Guy takes phone reservation for the first 100 customers on the day of the offer, while the rest 150 seats are given to the customers on a first come, first serve basis. For the payment with reservation, they offer payment through Bkash, and follows a ‘Pay First’ system. The offer can only be availed from their Banani Branch, and the offer timing starts from the start of Maghrib Azan to 8:30 pm, again proceeding from 9:30 onwards to 11:15 pm.    

Offer Price: BDT 899 (all inclusive)

Pizza Hut: Known as the hub for pizza enthusiasts for the better part of the last decade, Pizza Hut has never failed to deliver with any of its Unlimited Pizza offers for Ramadan. As for this time, there are no exceptions as well.  

With their ‘All You Can Eat’ offer, you will have a full tummy by the time you are done raving up the slices of their 10 exquisite pan-fried pizzas, available across all the outlets.

Dine in to check out Pizza Hut’s Unlimited Pizza offer for this Ramadan, with each offer applicable for one person. The offer will be available for the customers all throughout the month!

Offer Price: BDT 819 (inclusive of VAT & SD)


Burger King: This Ramadan, Burger King brings you an Unlimited Burger Offer which is sure to meet your Ramadan appetite to the fullest.

The offer starts from Iftar time till 8 pm, with hungry customers being served with Whoppers, Tendergrill, Chick’NCrisp, and BBQ Beef Burger along with one small drink for you to savor every bite. Or you can add another 100 Taka, and you get bottomless soft drink to go with!

The offer is available across all Burger King outlets, and do not contain any discounts. The offers are eligible for single consumption, with the price being all inclusive.

Offer Price: BDT 999 (all inclusive)

*Bottomless soft drinks- 100 BDT

The Buffet Offers

Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden: When it comes to Buffet offers this Ramadan, Radisson Blu stands in a league of its own. With its ‘Essence of Arabia’ presenting to be one of the most sought-after buffet offers, Radisson Blu comes to you with an array of Arabian flavors.

Relish the taste of Arabian cuisine for their Iftar cum Dinner buffet. From Couscous, Hummus, Ouzi to the amazing Arabic Tea, ‘Essence of Arabia’ gives you the ultimate taste of Arabian delicacy. Sweet delicacies include Umm Ali, Basbousa, Kunafeh and Aish-El-Saraya. The Iftar-Dinner buffet also includes over 20 types of dates from the different regions of Arabia. Starting from the first day of Ramadan, the event will take place at the ‘Utshab Hall’.

On top of that, Radisson Blu is also conducting a Raffle Draw, for a unique chance for you to win a return couple ticket to Istanbul! 

Offer Price: For adults- BDT 3900++/ For kids- BDT 1900++

Tao Town: This Ramadan, Tao Town brings you the ‘All You Can Order’ offer for both Iftar and Sehri!

Visit Tao Town, located opposite of Dhanmondi 9/A, to avail their latest buffet offer, and enjoy their versatile platters served with care. The offer starts from 4 pm and lasts till 11 pm during Iftar hours, and 12 am to 3 am during the Sehri timing!

The offer will continue throughout the month of Ramadan, and is open for one person per offer.

Offer Price: BDT 1099 (all inclusive) 

Lakeshore Banani: Lakeshore Banani has not left any stones unturned. Their all new Buffet Offer is served with an array of Thai, Chinese, and Continental delicacies, which are sure to satisfy your taste pallets to the fullest.

It does not stop there, as they also offer the chance to avail ‘Buy One, Get One Free’. The offer continues through the whole month, and is served in their main outlet in Banani.

Offer Price: BDT 2350+ 

Six Seasons Hotel: With their three restaurants offering three different Iftar & Dinner offers, Six Seasons Hotel is all about variety and diversity, this Ramadan.

The Sky Pool Arabian Buffet gives you a wide range of platters to choose from with an offer price of BDT 3999.

On the other hand, the Bunka Oriental Buffet gives freshness served on a plate with BDT 3899.

Finally, the Vinno Shaad Old Town Buffet. With a net pricing of BDT 3599, you can avail the famous delicacies directly served with the essence of the old town taste in mind.

With a wide range of delicious Iftar and Sehri offers all across the city, there is never enough time to visit all of them. Get your Ramadan offers started, folks!





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