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A Flag that tells the story of Bangladesh

  • Abu Tarek Md Tahsin
  • Abu Tarek Md Tahsin
  • 03 Mar 2020

For all Bangladeshis the national flag of the country is not just a piece of cloth, it is who we are and what we represent together. It is a source of constant pride and glory for the entire nation.

Its flag is the representation of democracy and our struggle for it that brought us independence.


The History behind the National Flag

On March 2, 1971, the flag was first hoisted on the rooftop of the Arts Faculty of Dhaka University led by then DUCSU (Dhaka University Central Students' Union) president ASM Abdur Rob.

Since then, Bangladesh has been celebrating the 2nd of March as the National Flag Day. The national flag of Bangladesh is a symbol of inspiration, courage, and determination for its people. It is the pride of the entire nation.


The Red, The Green, and the story of Bangladesh

The national flag of Bangladesh with its green background and a red circle symbolizing the rising sun on a fertile land was designed by Shib Narayan Das. The red circle also represents the blood of our freedom fighters who had sacrificed their lives in the nine months long Bangladesh Liberation War.

This year like every previous year we celebrate the National Flag Day, a symbol of our unity and common aspirations. It is a flag that for many of us which holds a special place in our hearts. It is an integral part of our story, as a nation of individuals belonging to religious secularism, social and racial diversity.

It tells the story of people whose struggle for democracy, economic and political rights as individuals led to the rise of an independent Bangladesh.

This flag is our identity and inspires us to build a beautiful and prosperous Bangladesh by working together.

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