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AAAAAAAAAAAAGGH: Managing Stress in Dhaka!

  • Marzan Jamia
  • Marzan Jamia
  • 24 Jul 2019

When you think of managing stress in Dhaka, there is this little voice from the inside of your head that simply chuckles! It’s Dhaka, chances are, you do not manage stress but cry invisible tears with your buddies in unison! Still, for a change, if the creeping stress that starts the day early right from the frustrating traffic noise to meeting deadlines to looking dead and wanting to kill being asked – “Are you acting out because maybe you are pms-ing?!”, the following tips and tricks might be your ‘go-to’ because you still need to make it through the day!

The Externals

There is a reason that anyone and everyone who got anywhere in life, made it by waking up early! Now that you have the time to give a deeper thought into it, they all woke up early and started the day with a ritual because they knew life is no protagonist and dodging it smartly is what will make them move forward. A big part of it is about knowing the external stress triggers and having a plan to dodge them like a pro! Once you are wide awake, sit down with a cup of coffee and plan your day ahead in that journal. Keep a pair of headphones while commuting and lose yourself in your favorite rhythm while the rickshawala-mama is fighting in the next lane (you don’t have to see that!). Be it class or office, attack it before they attack you with punctuality and a smile to diffuse what is coming your way. These and more of such little changes around your life will actually help you cope better!

The Internals

Sometimes the elephant in the room is actually not the small triggers that not only makes you mentally exhausted but gives you instant rage. Maybe they all happen as a reaction to something that is rooted much deeper. In order to manage stress for good, it must be understood that you need to address the real problem. Maybe you are being constantly agitated at work not because your colleagues are annoying and finding yourself constantly under piles of files but actually, you just don’t like your job! Maybe attending family events are being stressful to you not because you have to present yourself in a certain way but because the crowd there has no understanding of your priorities and it is a good idea to clarify and take a stand for yourself for once and for all! Long story short: stress management has to be from the inside and making peace with yourself even if it means stirring some uncomfortable areas.

The Extras

These are some of the things we do not have to put ourselves in, they are not our problems, there is little or no incentive that we will be awarded from them but we like being ‘likable’ and said yes regardless. As a result, we are burning out but now that is just our problem!

The extras of stress management are all those things including lending out a hand to people knowing it will not be helpful anyway. Putting up with situations that has a way of magnifying the fears and the insecurities.

Say ‘no’ more often. If arranging a play-date with your children and your neighbors’ comes makes you shuffle your entire week’s plan, say NO. If you have agreed to help someone with their project but their expectations are leaving little time for your own work, say NO. You do not like that auntie? Be nice and polite, DO NOT entertain her. Basically, be well aware of your boundaries before others can trample on to them.

Stress is just a part of life that comes in with the package of living in fast-moving metropolitan city life. However, with people being more aware of self-care now, coping is not that difficult. Then again, there are also supportive programs conducted by mindful people and institutions like City Alo. They understand that every once in a while, a bit of professional help is required and so brings in workshops to better the community. To know more and have better control over your life, visit https://cityalo.com/.

Live better, stress-free.

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