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Bangladeshi Women in Football

  • Wasima Tanzim
  • Wasima Tanzim
  • 11 Aug 2019

Women are amazing and unstoppable but often highly underappreciated. One example is the Bangladeshi national women’s football team. How many of you have heard of their recent outstanding achievements? I bet, very, very few of you. So now, let’s talk about them, the talk they deserve!


Let’s start with some facts. The National Women’s Football Team started representing our country from 2010, with the South Asian Federation Games. That very year, they played their first SAFF (South Asian Football Federation) Women’s Championship, and managed to reach the semi-finals! Six years from then, these young girls made us proud by being the runners up in the 2016 SAFF Women’s Championship.

Now, we all know what the typical concept of women building a career in sports is like in Bangladesh, which is why these young tigresses did not get these easy. They deserve their names to be known, hence, let’s get to know some of these amazing women!


Monika Chakma – A strong, determined 16-year-old girl from the hills of Rangamati! Just like we see in movies, she always loved football and played in the neighborhood but had little to no support from her father. From 2011 to 2013, she represented her school and gave consistent performances in the Bangamata Gold Cup, proving her worth. Eventually, her skills were brightly displayed in front of her father, which made her gain the support she lacked. 


Anuching Mogini and Anai Mogini – Another two wonders from the hills! Anuching and Anai Mogini, the 16-year-old twins from Khagrachori. Anuching is a forward and Anai, a defender. Just like Monika, they started off by playing in the Bangamata Gold Cup. They played their first international game in the 2017 AFC U-16 Women’s Championship, where Anuching scored five goals in a single tournament!


Sheuli Azim – An 18-year-old girl from Mymensingh. Another girl who started her career with the Bangamata Gold Cup. She also played her first international match in the AFC U-16 Women’s Championship against Iran in 2017


Sabina Khatun – Not many of our girls got to play on for leagues, however, our 25-year-old captain is a well known player in the Indian Women’s league. She previously played for Sethu FC, but this year she was signed for Gokulum Kerala FC. She showed her charisma in the previous season by scoring six goals for Sethu FC. Really, a well-deserved captain we have!


Our women are nothing but gems for the country, a fact proven by the above-mentioned tigresses. There are many more who deserve exposure, to be famous. While writing this article I realized how less they are talked about. There is very little information about them. They clearly deserve much more, after all, they are the ones improving our country’s sports scenario!


As a woman I am well aware how it is like to dream big, and choose a career that is, as they say, “for boys”. It is even harder for girls from small towns who get little or no support from families. Despite all that, these girls made it and you can too! City Bank has recently opened a division solely dedicated to women, with competitive facilities and prices. Visit their website https://cityalo.com/.

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