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Be My Valentine, Forever

  • Marzan Jamia
  • Marzan Jamia
  • 14 Feb 2020

When Frank Sinatra lured us all into – “My funny Valentine…Sweet, comic valentine…You make me smile with my heart!” we thought of our quirky partners and the idea of romance that only gets better a thousand times because we have them or we all dreamed of having someone as special, being affirmed about that day.

As controversial as we millennials may be, we have our own way of flaunting commitment by putting a ring on it. We like loving openly, surprising many, as tip-toeing around about romance no longer satisfies us.

For all the right reasons, we are a generation believing in the institution of marriage.

The person we love, we want to see the sunset with them just as much as we want to hear the chirping of birds at dawn while being in their arms. The world is big and beautiful, but there is no beauty in the cloud clad hills of Sajek or on the streets of Paris if one has to walk it alone, at least not to a romantic-being.

Big or small, being able to enjoy it with your beloved makes every shade of life Instagram-approved. Since we are in a time when those who believe in love also comes with the intention to be in love with their ‘special someone’, having things mapped out early on is a good idea!


Love with a Plan!

When Monica in Friends sitcom pulled out the wedding book getting engaged to Chandler, which she had been making since she was a little girl, it seemed hilarious but the classic just ended up giving many the idea!

Right from that perfect home to the holidays that you had been wanting to take with your partner will need you to plan work so that you can thrive in a life that is enjoyable with them.

If having a job to you feels more like just paying bills, choose empowerment and lead with confidence to be an entrepreneur. Institutions like City Alo has golden schemes like ‘Goal Based DPS Account’ because they do understand that wanting to be with your love requires more work than making your parents approve, it needs planning. It needs money.

Goal Based DPS account will let you save from Tk.500-50,000 as monthly installment for 6 months to 120 months! Also, your need for that extra cash will be taken care of in a blink of an eye because the scheme comes with an interest rate of 6.50% to 8%! To know more, visit https://cityalo.com/.

Basically, make each day your Valentine’s Day with the love of your life, loving like St. Valentine who did get martyred but gave us this day because you can! You can because you can take responsibility for love as you have planned well for your pocket! As from the elders, take only blessings.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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