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Be Safe from Scammers!

  • Ishrat Jahan
  • Ishrat Jahan
  • 23 Apr 2020

Uncertainty and fear have quite blurred the world’s vision of the upcoming days under the crucial circumstances of the pandemic, allowing it to be the best time for scams to take place. With most transactions taking place online than offline including groceries, people are now more susceptible and exposed to the risks of getting scammed now than before.

It won’t be a surprise if you receive a text, call or email tomorrow claiming to be from the bank, major institutions, or the Government itself! And, in case you are next on the list of the scammers, check out all you need to do to tackle such challenges:

Be Vigilant:

In case of phone scams, highly believable stories told to you in hopes to steal your money or identity is something you should watch out for. Scammers can do the trick in seconds with information you provide, pretending to call from banks or other institutions. Hence, it is important to be vigilant about not disclosing your password or Online Banking information if asked for and hang up on such calls immediately.

Watch out for the Red Flags:

In case you receive SMSes or emails that you weren’t expecting, remember that scammers during SMS phishing or email scams tend to send messages that pretend to come from a legitimate source and may not contain specific account information. Mostly such scams create a situation of emergency and ask for permissions or contain call to actions such as containing a link. Therefore, it is important not to give out your personal details in case these reds flags come into the scene.

Trust Reliable Sources Only:

Scammers can capitalize on your fear and create fake work from home opportunities that may convince you into thinking that you can earn a great deal from it. Do not click on fake job posts that promise impressive income unless it is from a reliable and trusted source. Also, under current circumstances, it is highly unlikely for trusted sources to put up legitimate job opportunities unless it is some sort of a side gig.

 Stay Careful with Your Actions:

It is advisable to refrain yourself from inserting any external devices like hard disks, pen drives etc. Moreover, refrain from connecting to unsecured public Wi-Fi Hotspots if you want to protect yourself from unwanted malware attacks. Malware attacks can be invisible to the eyes but can entirely damage your device which might take weeks for you to recover.  

 Be Rational:

Sharing your password, PIN no or other card details can get you into real trouble as fraud can then be committed using them. This could also result in identity theft as your details can be transferred onto another card and can be used to get things only you are authorized for. Also, in case your card gets stolen it can be used to purchase things pretending to be you so reporting it immediately is a must.

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