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Charity in Dhaka: The NGOs you can invest in

  • Rahat Rahman
  • Rahat Rahman
  • 11 Nov 2019

The sole purpose of all Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) is to work for the betterment of the country. NGOs take different initiatives to help out the less privileged. Most NGOs are non-profit organizations, meaning they rely on variety of sources for funding projects and operations. Individual private donors comprise a significant portion of NGO funding. We as members of the society, can help out these organizations by donating money and in turn actually help out the society as these organizations will compile all our small contributions and turn them into opportunities and possibilities for the people in need.

Bangladesh at present has over 2000 NGOs working in various sectors. There are plenty of NGOs working actively in Dhaka as well. Here is a list of a few NGOs which are working tirelessly for the people of our country



Footsteps began its journey back in 2013. This organization is run by a group of youngsters which has been inspiring other teenagers to take part in various social welfare activities as well. One of their biggest project is “Project Trishna” which aims to provide clean drinking water to the masses on the streets for free. Since 2015, Footsteps has set up over 80 water systems, with over 10,000 people depending on the project for drinking water on a daily basis. Other projects are “The Latrine Project” and “Project Britto”.



SAJIDA Foundation

SAJIDA Foundation began in 1987 as a small garage school for disadvantaged children and since then, they have grown. After over 25 years of work they have successfully established themselves as a beacon of light. The organization offers a diverse portfolio of microcredit products alongside quality healthcare services and various social development programs. They have various development programs in the field of hygiene, sanitation, education and financial activities. Their primary objectives are to create zero hunger, quality education, gender equality, clean drinking water and affordable energy.





JAAGO Foundation

One of the most well-known organizations in Dhaka because of their voluntary work. Especially among the youth as JAAGO invites students of school, colleges and universities to volunteer on their various projects and obtain experience firsthand. JAAGO foundation was founded 21-year-old Korvi Rakshand and have since worked on various education, youth development and even Rohingya refugee programs. The main purpose of JAAGO is to diminish poverty by providing and increasing the rate of education. Today, JAAGO Foundation supports the education of 3500 children across its 12 branches all over Bangladesh.




“Street is no home for the children” this is what LEEDO believes in and have been working from 2000 to create better living environment for the children who have no shelter over their heads. Bangladesh being one of the most densely populated country, ensuring the safety and putting a roof on top these kids is a very difficult job. LEEDO has been working effortlessly to provide street education, transitional shelters, peace homes and even orphan sponsorship. LEEDO offer a transitional shelter named “SETU Bandhan” located at Babu Bazar where children, who are in need of shelter, are invited to say. This organization aims to create a better life for the children living on the street



Nijera Kori

Nijera Kori works to empower both female and male of rural areas. They aim to create a society free of oppression. Nijera Kori’s objective is to raise awareness and unite the rural poor and involve them in decision-making processes at village and local levels which effect their lives. Nijera Kori caters to the needs of the poorest people, the landless and powerless and attempts to aid them.



These are only a few active NGOs in Dhaka. There are plenty others like CARE foundation, HOPE, DROP, Sojag and not to mention, one of the biggest, BRAC. By donating in these organizations, we can create and impact in society, a difference. With the help of the internet we can just sit back home and donate money to a particular organization just by visiting its website. By clicking donate and completing a few formalities we will be able to send help.

We human beings are all not born and blessed with the same fortunes, benefits, opportunities or privileges. As social beings, it is only natural to want to help the less privileged. But sometimes we might think that one single contribution cannot change the fate of an individual or a group of individuals. But these small contributions coming from different people can eventually add up and create something incredible. This is exactly what these NGOs do. They compile these small contributions and create different initiatives for the betterment of the people.

By contributing to these types of organizations we ourselves can be part of a bigger plan to help the people of our society and make this country a better place.


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