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Child Care Confusion?

With the number of women increasing in the labor force in Bangladesh, finding good and reliable child care centers have become a necessity for many families.

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  • 09 Mar 2019


In recent times, with balanced partnerships in marriages becoming the standard, traditional gender roles are beginning to disintegrate. Growing one’s family and raising children come with new struggles, particularly attempting to prove to the general populace that career motivation and good parenting do not have to be mutually exclusive. 

For the city’s working women - we say women since they are still considered to be the primary caregivers of a child, albeit we wholeheartedly recognize that there are exceptions – child care centres have become a means of relief allowing them to work efficiently, knowing that their child or children are in good hands. 

According to the research paper titled “Child Day Care Centre in Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects (2015), it was found that owing to factors like the increase of nuclear families in the city, lack of trust in the staff assigned with house work, increase in the number of women receiving an education, along with a surge in career opportunities for them, child day care centres have become the only other alternative to women being forced to resign after giving birth. Some key findings included how the working women surveyed felt that while day care centres were imperative, their quality needed to improve substantially, and despite one or two being well reputed, not every working mother has access to those centres since location of the facility is a major factor in choosing the particular day care centre. 

In the city, among the ones with good ratings, there are Creative Day Care and Pre Schooling Centre in Dhanmondi, Sporsho Day Care in Uttara, Rainbow Valley: Centre for Early Childhood Development in Gulshan, Kids Paradise Day Care Centre in Dhanmondi, Tinyden Child Day Care in Mirpur, etc. There are plenty more, but it’s important to mention that public reviews cannot and should not be the only deciding factor in choosing the best day care centre for your child. 

Do your research, ask friends and family you know and trust, about their opinion of the day care centre you are evaluating. Take both positive and negative reviews into account and try to measure how that may or may not impact your child. Drop by unannounced. Ask questions about their curriculum, also, check if there are trained individuals in their team who can administer allergy medication in case of an emergency, or someone who knows CPR. You can also ask for references who can vouch for their services. 

Day care centres in the city are run mostly by women, targeted at women. While the notion is comforting, as parents, it’s your duty to make sure that you have done your best in choosing the right centre. The increase of demand of these services have pushed the quality higher in recent years, but the costs have escalated as well, but in the grand scheme of things, it is still a small price to pay for the good nourishment of your children and your ability to continue working without worry.  



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