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City Alo - Banking Made Personal!

  • Marzan Jamia
  • Marzan Jamia
  • 12 Jun 2019

The idea of banking comes in like a mundane affair between two parties and it had been so for ages by default. It is given that it would be a set up of one behind the mechanical setting of the desk and office stationery, wearing a uniform with a courteous smile and the other party praying for the ‘work’ to get over as soon as possible so that they might switch to something interesting.

This is one truth that is undeniable when we talk about the ‘money buildings’ in Bangladesh. Expecting no exception, one might as well look at the ‘still work in progress’ fancy building in Gulshan – City Alo Flagship Branch but what follows from that point is entirely different as the City Alo flagship branch is more like the swan swimming in the lake of ducks!

It would not be an exaggeration to state banking experience comes in with a personal touch of feminine aura at City Alo with inevitable justification for what this branch for City Bank claims to stand for – a bank dedicated to women!Right from the cozy interior and the colors to the labeling of each counter, City Alo represents the spirit of womanhood. Inside, there is the aroma of brewing coffee, counters that read – “Sit & Sip” and more, Pretty green climbers entangled with fairy lights, reindeer showpieces as table tops and books to add up to the lounging facilities. There are also friendly and welcoming relationship managers are all over the place as one simply needs to tap for banking to be catered her requirements. Things much needed but brought to life in a banking space mindfully, for the first time.

More Mindfulness

City Alo is prompt in serving its purpose. Cozy but speaking volumes for business, banking here is taken to an integrated level. The environment is welcoming and makes a lot more sense why a woman would prefer walking into this branch and picking their service over any other as this is new age banking connecting to the customer on an interpersonal level right from the threshold!

Along with all kinds of saving schemes that the bank offers it comes in with more new and useful additions like specially designed classes to empower women entrepreneurs, something that has even been received well with success as the first proud graduates got certified very recently.

City Alo has all the features and facilities of a traditional bank and surely is a win-win in the banking scenario encouraging not only feminism but making feminism take a step right beside patriarchy.


The concept also gets interesting because, say in the money world, there are a lot of men but for the first time, comes in the luminous red woman and calls herself - City Alo.

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