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Contributing My Bit

  • Marzan Jamia
  • Marzan Jamia
  • 08 Dec 2019

If any nation is to become successful, it is mandatory that its youth actively participate in its economic and social development. More importantly, it is important that woman understand that it is also their responsibility to push through the gender-bias and, work towards it to create a better nation. With social media playing a dominant role in creating awareness, the concept of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is no longer an alien topic. Today, on International Volunteer Day for Economic and, Social Development Day, let’s have a talk so that we too can contribute for bettering our community and, nation.


Looking Around

When it is believed that empowering youth by building their skills as citizens, professionals, and leaders, it becomes the solution to many problems.


“The success of Tunisia’s new constitutional democracy depends on the involvement of young people. In 2016, 38 percent of the Tunisian population was under the age of 25. But there is still room for young people to become much more active in their country’s development in this new era.”


They are encouraged with the Thomas Jefferson Scholarship Program in Tunisia which focuses on building the technical, professional and leadership skills of undergraduate students from across Tunisia. Of the 300 young people who have participated in the program, more than two thirds come from outside the greater Tunis area, the capital region. Nearly half come from the southern and central western regions, which have historically had higher rates of poverty, fewer opportunities and less investment than other parts of the country.

By immersing selected youth in year-long programs at colleges and universities in the United States, the Thomas Jefferson Scholarship Program prepares them to be effective professionals and citizens. The program focuses on improving the technical skills that participants will need in future careers, while simultaneously providing them with career coaching, leadership coaching, and practical experience through internships and volunteer opportunities.


Locally We Can Implement Actions Too and, We Are

Not just in Dhaka but even in other cities, youth are getting more aware and responsible. In Rajshahi, More than 180 youths, half of them are female, came together towards enhancing their level of confidence for ensuring equitable, inclusive and sustainable development in an effort to playing effective role as social watchdog earlier this year. The organized youths ranging from 18 to 30 years mainly coming from the poor and marginalized communities have acquired knowledge on how to find out their community level existing problems.

Apart from, most of them were students in different institutions, were capable of sharing those among all the people and stakeholders including the local government institution people.

At the end, they implemented the Social Action Project with their self-management.

Prior to it, they were imparted training on various need-based issues like transparency, accountability, inclusivity, basic citizens’ rights, leadership, primary healthcare, grants management, project design and community needs assessment. The training included several individual and group presentations on social issues through which participants demonstrated their creativity and communication skills. It focused on founding fundamental leadership attributes among the participants.

With institutions like City Alo which redefines banking by reaching out towards encouraging women to grow outside the patriarchal box, it is possible that the youth of this nation will do good on global scale when it comes to contributing socially and economically for if they have one great idea, they need not worry about resources but one click into https://cityalo.com/ could be all the help they are looking for!

To get a better live tomorrow, the ones who will be in charge must be prepared right.

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