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Daily Soap NOT My Food for Thought

  • Marzan Jamia
  • Marzan Jamia
  • 26 Feb 2020

No one can deny how massively television has changed our lives and has taught people to dream and, aim for things beyond their parameters. It came with a range of shows with something for everyone. However, one of these shows made it BIG with most people – daily soaps!

For better or for worse, when a story got dissected into 40 minutes episodes and was presented to the audience as a daily dose, more people got hooked to it. Some for the story and, others for everything else.

Even with creativity flying high, daily soaps may not be the best idea that there is and, here’s why!


Bahubali and Jolsha Politics Are Only Good For Entertainment

Much like the cinematography of romance worldwide had somewhat ruined romance to its core for good, when a greater group of the household chooses to get entertained watching what is mean and vile, chances are they start believing in them too.

It is embarrassing to watch silly fights between the mother-in-law and, the daughter-in-law especially when you have welcomed a daughter-in-law into your family for real! Similarly, you do not want to invest your time watching brothers fighting for status being negatively competitive.

The Law of Attraction explains how our thoughts are undeniably powerful to become our reality, imagine if daily soaps become your reality! Would you still engage yourself in it for so long?



There is no harm in taking the bright side! Most of the daily soaps are tales of nuclear families, take that! Take tips on how to live in harmony and together. You might as well take in the new trends and style which is okay! If you can find a show that inspires you to be determined and achieve your dream against the odds then EMBRACE IT! 


Most Importantly,

Like most things, daily soaps themselves are not good or bad. Rather, it is what we choose to expose ourselves to. Being an empowered woman, you will have an inbuilt sense to differentiate the useful from the nuisance. There is no harm getting to know other cultures from daily soaps but before you do adapt from them, you must filter to find out if it really is good for you and for those in your surroundings.

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