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Dear Women, Isn’t It Time to Take Control?

  • Nuzhat Hayat Khan
  • Nuzhat Hayat Khan
  • 08 Mar 2020

Over the years, the role of a woman has evolved in the society. Gone are the days when women only belonged in the kitchen. Now, more than ever, women are making their way to the top. However, in Bangladesh, it’s not easy being a woman and still be successful in a society where men hold primary power.

Here are few ways through which you can achieve your goals and take a step towards independence in what is often thought to be a male-dominated space:

Be an Entrepreneur!

It is never too late to start a business. Throughout history, countless female entrepreneurs from all over the world have made the mark with their success stories. Whether you want to be your own boss or become financially independent, the road to success starts with risks. Don’t let restrictions such as inadequate access to finance and lack of start-up capital stop you. The Small Medium Enterprise (SME) loan helps by providing financing to start, sustain or expand small and medium businesses. It is convenient and easy to access!


Live Your Dreams!

Planning your own wedding? Need financial help for travel expenses or higher education? Personal loans are designed to offer you financial independence and empowerment to meet your personal requirements. Most personal loans are unsecured, which means they don’t require collateral such as a car or house. You can now pay your own bills without depending on the men in your house.



Drive to Paradise!

A car is no more a luxury; it is a necessity, especially for women living in Bangladesh. Driving to work in this modern day will give you reliability and make you more confident. Get an Auto loan that is tailor-made to suit your needs and requirement. You can pay for the loan in easy instalments. You don’t have to rely on the family car, Uber, or public transport anymore.



Be the Head of Your Own House!

Buying a home is the ultimate step towards independence. Turn your dream into reality by availing a home loan. Buy the dream house for yourself, gift it to your parents, or simply help your spouse and take the big step together.




For women, a bike is so much more than easy parking and a matter of convenience. It boosts your self-esteem, frees you from the watchful eyes of chauffeurs and opens up a whole new world of freedom. Getting a bike loan is a perfect option for those who have a limited budget and cannot afford to make the entire payment in one go.




Think Long Term!

It is vital to secure your financial future as a woman in this country and what better way to do so than use a Deposit Pension Scheme (DPS) account. It is an installment-based savings deposit for customers who deposit a certain amount over a certain period of time. On maturity, the agreed upon amount will be paid to the customer (principal+interest). Secure your financial future!



City Alo is a women-oriented baking division of the City Bank. Their distinct banking experience is designed especially for women. Take the City Bike Loan or make a Goal based DPS Account amongst the many services they providing to help women thrive and become independent. Visit https://cityalo.com/ and take your first step towards independence.

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