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Do you have a Healthy Home?

  • Ishrat Jahan
  • Ishrat Jahan
  • 20 Apr 2020

Indoors can be the safest place when we struggle to win this battle against COVID-19. While you take those safety measures, it also stands equally important to ensure having a healthy home. A healthy home can incredibly aid in managing stress, practicing mindfulness and carving out some time for long-lost hobbies.

With the negativity streaming everywhere here’s a list of things that can help you restore your mental peace and convert your home into a healthy one:

1.     Read, Read and Read!

Reading about good things can act as a distraction from all the negativity filled in the air right now. Some good music can help synchronize your mood and the smell of books can ease out your senses and help you enjoy a moment of peace while enhancing your vocabulary alongside. And, if you’re more comfortable reading online, you can choose to read from a range of online libraries waiting just to explore.


2.     Stroke of Mindfulness:

One of the things that can help restore your mindfulness is a good deal of exercise. Yoga or other forms of exercise can help release your stress and increase your focus at work. This will also allow you to go about your day at full swing and still have the energy to sit back, relax and enjoy quality time with your family.


3.     Plan for your plants:

While you stay home, watering the plants on your balcony can sometimes be soothing to the eyes and help lift your mood. Measuring the progress of their growth might just be another thing for you to look forward too and might help you pass time when you’re done doing almost everything.


4.     Healthy Relationship:

Healthy relationships are vital to healthy homes. Relationships get vastly affected during difficult situations. Thus, it is very important to communicate the reality of situations and maintain a work-life balance. Planning ahead can help in managing both work and family responsibilities, avoid stress and prevent conflicts. You can engage in different activities with kids may it be watching movies, cooking something for them or just helping them solve puzzles and other workbook exercises.


5.     Managing Expenses:

Not being able to manage expenses might give rise to extra tension which you might spill over a colleague or family member without them being particularly at fault. Hence, it is important to manage expenses starting from small household expenditures to rent and bill pays. These, once under control, can leave you with enough savings for crisis situations. And, in case you are still wondering which scheme might be the best option for you to save check out: https://cityalo.com/

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