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Durga Puja and its Roots with Women Power

  • Abdullah Rayhan
  • Abdullah Rayhan
  • 25 Oct 2020

Ten hands holding ten different weapons, Maa Durga rides a lion ferociously from the Himalayas. Her divine strength destroys the wicked and brings destruction to oppressors. She is an inspiration for womankind.

One of the most significant occasions of the Hindu religion is the Durga Puja. This festival surrounds Debi Durga. The event celebrates women's empowerment through the representation of Aura's death in the hand of the mighty goddess. It shows how women can overcome difficulties and defeat the obstacles that come in their way. Many women all over the world, including the Hindus, are inspired by the tale of this Deity.

How Debi Durga Became The Symbol of Women Empowerment:

In Hindu mythology, Debi Durga is the slayer of Mahishasur or the buffalo demon. Mahishasur was bestowed immortality by Lord Indra. No one but only women could kill him. When Mahishasur started rampage, the trinity, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva came together and gave Debi Durga her form. She rose from the Ganga and came from the Himalaya on the back of a lion. Ultimately she killed the Mashishasur, putting a halt to his demonic torture. But in her battle, she never forgot her children. She cared for them no matter what came upon her. Debi Durga possessed the strength to bring peace, and she did it with all she had. This story symbolizes how women can win obstacles head-on when they meet them. The overall feature and deed of Durga portray women as strong, kind, and loving human beings.

Durga Puja and Women Empowerment:

Durga Puja is a ten-day festival. Each day marks the struggles between good and evil. Debi Durga, with her ten hands, fights off the evil and establishes the good. All these say a lot about women and their survival instincts in the society. A woman has responsibilities toward different aspects of her life. Just like Debi Durga, her struggle is constant. But she manages to handle them all. Debi Durga teaches not to back off and charge forward, beating the obstacles in her way. She teaches not to forget about the loved ones and to care for them in the direst situation. Durga Puja reminds us of these attributes of women, and it's certainly inspiring.

Interestingly, the calmer avatar of Durga is Parvati!

A woman has to endure a great deal to keep up with the advancing world. She is frustrated every day, but if she holds Debi Durga in her heart, then she will get the aspiration to rise like a mighty warrior.

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