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Easiest Ways to Pay for Utilities

Digital payment has made it easy for customers to pay their utility bills from the comfort of their homes. Bangladesh is taking steps to roll out these services for everyone in the country.

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  • 09 Mar 2019

Times are changing, and with the rise of our dependency on smart devices, our daily routines are changing along with it. In a roundtable discussion organized on the challenges and opportunities in building payment ecosystem in Digital Bangladesh in July 2018, it was said that the ecosystem depends on two factors: Convenience and Confidence. “People opt for digital payment system because it is convenient. People resist going for this payment system because they lack the confidence in it,” exclaims Mahfuz Alam during said discussion. 

A balance between the two Cs: While the industry works to build more confidence in the consumer about the effectiveness and security that digital payment systems provide, the services need to evolve into being more convenient as time passes. 

Why choose to pay through digital methods? Apart from the obvious saving of time and cost, the method can actually pose to be more transparent than traditional paper-based payments, increasing accountability and reliability, eliminating corruption and theft. There was a 47% decrease in demand for bribes at the village level after the Indian government introduced smart cards instead of the usual cash transaction. 

Moreover, digital payment also empowers women by allowing them to take charge of their family finances, ensuring personal security. In predominately male-run sectors, banking being one of them, any transaction in certain areas of developing countries can pose to be a threat to women, while some find it difficult to even get out of the house. In these cases, a digital payment system for utilities is not only convenient but saves these women from a world of trouble and dependency, and as studies have consistently proven, women’s financial autonomy also leads to be a more developed house hold.  

Managing bills, receiving electronic receipts of payments, timely reminders etc. – all these beneficial factors of digital utility payments need to be highlighted in mainstream media to raise more awareness. 

Citytouch Digital Banking, a service provided by The City Bank, does not even require you to make the hassle of travelling to the bank to sign up for the services, if you have an account already. You can download the app from the app store or go to www.citytouch.com.bd to register. Utility bills, mobile top-ups, transferring funds, buying tickets – all of it can be done through this one service. 

The most convenient way for transactions, with a bank you can have confidence in; balance of the two Cs.


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