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Eat Better!

  • Dewan Rodela Ashrafi
  • Dewan Rodela Ashrafi
  • 27 Feb 2020

Eating healthy is easier said than done. Hence, we need to understand why eating healthy is important and how to incorporate it into our everyday life. Whether we are interested in losing weight, managing a health condition or just feeling better about what we eat, our motto is to reach our goals.

The simplest formula is to maintain a rule of eating right along with daily exercise to live better. The following tips might as well help you do it!

Try These!

Make sure you have a meal plan and be aware of the ingredients when you buy something. Eating more of whole food is always a good idea as much as staying hydrated, so carry a water bottle at all times. Have more small meals while you eat mindfully instead of skipping meals. Snack of healthy fats like almonds and have a ‘cheat day’ to keep going! Use fresh ingredients when you prepare your meal and enjoy the process!

Following these rules will not only make our life easier but also make things like dieting enjoyable. We always give a sad reaction hearing the word ‘diet’ as we have this misconception that we will not get to eat our favorite food. But ‘Diet’ actually means eating better. There are also a few Diets like ‘Keto’ which helps to reduce weight by burning fat.

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