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Five sets of essential digits for women

  • Abdullah Rayhan
  • Abdullah Rayhan
  • 12 Nov 2019

It’s a sodium lit road with a blacked out sky. Through the narrow road between buildings walks a girl. It’s calm and silent except for the distant sound of traffic. The girl walks with a creepy feeling on her back. She can feel someone following her and it scares her very much. She increases her pace and takes out her phone. She thought about whom to call. Who would you call if you were in her shoes? Would you call your father though you know he can’t do much except for worrying about you? Or would you call your friend who isn’t there with you?

In that condition you need someone who will be able to respond to your situation properly. And that is a member of the law enforcers. If she had a contact number of any police officer she could have at least been a little relived knowing that she can get help whenever she needs.

It is now mandatory for women to save contact numbers of certain people to ensure safety and avoid trouble as much as possible. Let’s face it, in our society women are dominated at some levels by men. That’s why they need support from others to rise. It’s not that men don’t need support. It’s just that the women are vulnerable in some
social situations. And to cope up with that, women should have some dependable people in her phone book.

1. Emergency Numbers

The incident discussed at the beginning of this article is a common event that takes place every day. And for women to deal with the situation they can consult a police officer. As this happens very often and with many girls, no one knows who might be the next victim. Every woman should save emergency numbers such as 999. It does not only help with security measures but other factors as well. You can just call them and tell them your situation and they will suggest you the best option.

2. Women’s Rights Organizations

There are other vulnerabilities that law enforcers cannot do anything about. Though they have the authorization to do so, but it isn’t something that they specialize in. Women are deprived of many rights, and they don’t get many opportunities even after putting a lot of effort mainly because of our patriarchal mindset. If given proper support a woman can achieve what she wants. There are organizations that work for women empowerment and secure female rights. Women should know these associations closely enough. That way they will not only have a community with whom they can share and solve their problems with, they can help others too. There are many such organizations that work on various issues such as women rights, nutrition, health, income generation etc. City Alo is such an organization that financially supports and empowers women and inspires her to advance in life. (https://cityalo.com/)

3. Shopkeeper

Even after getting all the necessary support and options, a major mandatory condition of a woman that can halt her progression is her menstrual cycle. Women suffer from severe pain for several days every month. During this time women should stay in as comfortable situation as possible because during period female body becomes very much sensitive, and they suffer from various kind of irritation. It becomes hard for her to focus on anything. It is important at that moment to decrease movement as much as possible. If a girl knows a nearby pharmacist or a general store keeper, she can just request the person to send her necessary utilities. That way she won’t have to go through more troubles than she already has. Apart from this fact a girl may need various objects and she may not be in the condition or situation to go to the store by herself. In these kind of circumstances, having a nearby general store keeper on phone can be a great help to her. Just a single call will bring her what she needs. And also, it can get her ice cream whenever she wants.

4. Gynecologist

Apart from period women suffer from various physical problems that can result in serious catastrophe. Such problems require serious concern. To avoid this, women should always seek help from professionals whenever she feels worried about their wellbeing. That’s why every woman should have a gynecologist on their contact list. That way she can be sure to get solution to any problem she may have to endure and be safe from such effects.

5. Legal Authority    

The goal of keeping link with certain people is to make life easier and fluent in every manner. Having contact number of the authority of her residential area can save her from many difficulties. She can be sure to get help with official matters and can ensure her security as well. Also, she can consult about residential matters too and come to solution of any problem she may face.

The problems women basically encounter is regarding security, discrimination and ailment. If women keep these people always within her touch she can focus on her life and move on with her work. Not only women but everyone should keep these numbers on their phone. But as in our society women are likely to endure more obstacles than men, they should take every possible measures that ensures a smooth life for her.



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