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Gift List For Newly-Weds

  • Monisha Rashid
  • Monisha Rashid
  • 19 Dec 2019

There won’t be any of us who don’t enjoy attending weddings. It’s surely the most lovable and amazing events for all of us. Whether it’s for newly-weds, or for their parents or closed ones. Its memory is ever lasting.  It is obviously one of the most essential and amazing events for the newly-weds. There will be huge number of guests attending weddings. Almost all of the guests want to gift newly-weds something which will help them a lot in the journey of their new life. So in case of choosing gifts we need to think whether it will be useful for them or not.  Searching for a gift for a newly-wed couple can be difficult, especially when there are plenty of choices of gift of giving them.



The idea of giving a trip as a gift can be the most romantic presents for any newly-weds couple. This type of presents they will surely get only from their closed-ones, as it’s a matter of huge expense, and also as they will have idea about their dream destination. Honeymoon-tickets are not any kind of uncommon gifts, it is quite usual for newly-weds to get something from their parents or close friends. Still this gift has always been consider as one of the most romantic and beautiful gift. Recently Bali has become most common honeymoon destination for couples. Just imagine tickets to Bali as a wedding gift! It is bound to put a big smile on anyone’s face.


It’s another most common gift a newly-weds can get but we can’t ever deny about cash’s usefulness. For those who are confused about buying gifts for the newly-weds, they can surely go for gifting cash. It might not be creative or surprising, but it will always be appreciable. To make it look as a beautiful present, we can write a thoughtful, pretty sincere card that will go along with this practical gift. They can use it to buy whatever they think will be useful for them.

A Stunning, Wood Cookbook with a Tablet Holder

Newly-weds can try cooking delicious meals together. The table stand must be of some type that perfectly fits in their kitchen. Before buying them it will be good if buyer ask about the table stand whether it can fit in anywhere or not. From the cook book they can try making all the different recipes around the world. This gift won’t cost a lot. It’s budget friendly and innovative at the same time.

Branded Watch

If we are not thinking about our budget and wants to give something which is consists of both classiness and usefulness, watches can be a solution for this. Titan, Tissot, G-shock, and Casio these brands have amazing collection of watches. All of them are not expensive. There are budget friendly watches with amazing classiness. We can order them online. Also can buy them from shopping malls where they have authentic watches available. Surely gifts like watches won’t disappoint any newly-weds.


Printed adorable Photo Frame which will have some sorts of design attached in the frame. We can easily get beautifully designed couple frames from any gift shops around us. This is a budget friendly gift which will cost around the range of 2500- 3500tk.

Kitchen and Home Décor

The safest and the best gifts you can consider for the newly-wed is kitchen and home décor items. Depending on our budget, we can perhaps gift them dinner set, kitchen utensil set, soup bowl set, fruit bowls, blender machine and juicer. We can also gift the couple decorated dining table cloth and mats, coasters and cutlery holders. When we are talking about home décor items, designer flower vase, crystal flowers, wooden and crystal animals and other small souvenirs falls under these category. They would also adore gifts such as Iranian carpets, satin bed spreads and cushion covers as well as curtain sets.

Pressure Cooker and Rice Cooker

I really believe a good pressure cooker will be the perfect gift for them. Most of us don’t have much idea about cooking. Using stoves is like a challenge for us. Presser cooker can be a great help in this. Pressure cookers not only make mealtimes quicker and easier than ever, it’s also quite affordable. In our country nowadays, Kiam pressure cooker is really popular among the customers.

Then comes rice cooker. There are varieties of rice cooker which consists of the convenience of being non-stick and stainless. Their price starts from the range of around 2200. Prestige, Philips are some the most preferable brands of rice cooker. Rice cooker is one of our everyday useable products. It will surely be useful for newly-weds.


Then comes giving attires to bride and groom as a gift. It’s another common gift for newly-weds but it is still preferable. There are huge collections of saree and Punjabi available in our country. And their shops are not quite far away. As sarees don’t have any hassles about size, we just need to focus on its design in our budget so that our bride can’t say no to this gift. In case of Punjabis grooms can easily exchange it if it’s not in their size.


So, these were some of the gift lists for newly- weds. We can surely choose any of them and enjoy this beautiful occasion.

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