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How Moms Make Budgets

  • Rahat Rahman
  • Rahat Rahman
  • 28 Aug 2019

Looking on top of the wardrobe or desk in our parents’ room we might just stumble across an old diary or note pad. Inside of which there will be pages after pages filled with lists and calculations of bills, rents, fees and “মাসের বাজার”. ‍All written in a very familiar handwriting. Our mothers’ handwriting. Now, these are not just mere calculation of digits. Behind every calculation, there are stories, emotions, sacrifices, love and a lot of work.  This particular diary or note pad filled with budgets and lists is like a time capsule capturing a few bits of life and keeping them as a reminder. We all know mothers all around have these amazing superpowers. From knowing exactly what we want for lunch to knowing what we want to become in life. From finding out things in a matter of seconds which we could not even after hours of searching to lifting up the whole family with a bright smile. They can do it all effortlessly in the most organized way.

Speaking of organizing, in most cases our mothers are the ones who create, plan out and organize the financial activity routine for the month or the Monthly Budget. Now, this can be a very hectic thing to do. It may seem that mothers who are housewives may not go out to provide financially for the family but they do something which is equally important.

Without keeping track of money everything goes south. Lucky for us we have our mothers to depend on. Because in most cases our mothers are the ones who make the monthly budget to keep everything running smoothly.  They are basically the best accountant we can ever have. They keep perfect track of the money and know exactly how much is needed to be spent. All along thinking about how much they can save at the end of the month.

Keeping a proper budget can be a life savior. It becomes a lifestyle, a habit which can have significant value on our financial well-being.


“A budget isn’t about restrictions. Having a plan allows you the freedom to make purchases without guilt and regret.”

- Dave Ramsey, radio host


One important thing that comes with budgeting is saving which pretty much every household focuses on. Even 5-7 years ago in a traditional household, we might have found these savings amounts stashed in different drawers of a wardrobe or in a tin can hidden in the kitchen as per seen in different cinemas and serials but there are better places to keep the money safe and sound. Like banks, although a lot of development has been seen in this banking sector there is still a little lack of female participation whether it comes to opening their own account or going to a bank in general.

City Alo, the women banking division of City Bank is created to mitigate these problems. It is a specialized banking service catered to women. They focus on encouraging women to take a step forward. City Alo works to empower women by giving them financial assistance. They provide attractive features like opening an account with only 1000 taka balance to providing even entrepreneurial courses to women of all walks of life. There are lots of women who want to invest their own earned, saved money and create an identity for themselves. The purpose of these entrepreneurial courses is to do just that.


Different mothers may have different approaches when it comes to creating their budget. For mothers with newborn babies its one case because they might find more baby wipes in their purse than cash. Mothers with teenagers tend to focus on saving for education more. Nonetheless, they all have the same goal. To provide a better future for the entire family.

Kudos to all the mothers out there: the working moms, the housewives, the single moms and the soon to be moms and thank you for keeping that tight budget that teaches us that:


“A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.”

 - John C. Maxwell, author


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