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How To Get More “Blessings” On Your Wedding?

  • Dewan Rodela Ashrafi
  • Dewan Rodela Ashrafi
  • 10 Dec 2019

To get married, has been the ultimate destination for girls and boys since childhood. They dream of getting married to the perfect guy or woman. They desire to make it the perfect wedding . They want it to be unforgettable for both of their families and themselves. But it is important to get blessings on the wedding, to make it more perfect! As wedding is a big moment  in everyone’s life, nobody wants to make the situation worse by not getting  blessings. Blessing is an important value during a persons’ wedding and  no one should take the chance of missing it out. . Being a Bangladeshi, it is more valuable to us. We keep getting wedding invitations and we go to take part in their happy occasions, but have we taken time to give a thought about how to get more “blessing” on our wedding?


There is a couple resided in Canada, Mashiat Faroza and Tadmir Chishti, living happily with lots of blessings and well-wishes from their family and friends. They say, to get more blessings is the reason why they have more functions in their wedding. 

If you are getting married soon these tips are for you on how to have the “perfect wedding” with lots of blessings from the family and well-wishers:


1.      Invite everyone! It may sound absurd but the guests who will attend your wedding are not stranger at all. You may have seen them once in your life or you have never seen them, your parents invited them or you have known them through your relatives. But if they come to attend your program it means they have come to get to know you and enjoy a quality time with their families or get to know many other people who have come here for the very same reason. This is a way of socializing. The more you visit places or attend programs, the more you get to see new people and the more you get familiar among all, as this is how society works by knowing each other and helping each other. It helps people and you get blessings indirectly without you even knowing what actually you did to get blessings.

2.      Meet and greet everyone. The relatives of yours and the relatives of relatives of yours, your friends, your family friends, friends of friends, neighbors, the people with whom you work, the people who work for you, are all your well-wishers on the special day of yours. Welcome them when they arrive and greet them well as they are your invited guests. You can count the “blessings” upon you, when you see a wide smile in their faces soon you greet them.

3.      Accept gifts. We know that gifts are token of love. Getting gifts are a common thing in any wedding. The guests who arrive at your wedding not only want to shower you with their precious prayers but also wants to present you something as a token of love. It may be anything! A small flower vase can be meaningful than an air-conditioner or a free trip to Bali, if it is wrapped with lots of love, prayers and blessings!

4.      Arrange a good meal. The most attractive part in a wedding is the wedding meal. No guests leave the program without having foods. A happy meal means happy persons. If guests love the food of your wedding functions, they remember it ages after ages and they shower you with blessings as the food was so delicious and tasty that it is not possible to forget the aroma and taste that kept them licking their fingers.

5.      Arrange return gifts. We can see hosts arranging return gifts for guests in many wedding functions. It is a way to say thanks to the guests for coming and make the event more fascinating. You can arrange flower, organic soap, toys for kids etc. as return gifts. This will make the guests happier and you will be blessed.

6.      Create a unique program. A wedding is not a proper function without arranging dance program. Nowadays, we arrange dance programs for “Holud Shondha” to make the program even more eminent and unforgettable. A perfect event makes everyone happy and blessings find a way to come towards you.

7.      Nevertheless, the wedding will not be perfect if you do not have blessings of your beloved ones. So, seek their blessings to prosper in life and to have a happy married life.


A wedding is not a wedding unless you have your family and generations attending the functions. So, keep taking preparations for your wedding and go forward to make it eventful to get more and more blessings.



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