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I Am Wearing That Sharee Anyway: Home POHELA BOISHAKH it is this year!

  • Marzan Jamia
  • Marzan Jamia
  • 15 Apr 2020

If this world had one visible heart, maybe we would see it bleeding right now! Globally, we got hit by the pandemic COVID-19. We are in lockdown, yes. However, the only thing that can get us through this crisis is having our spirit up – better days are on its way. With that being said, let’s put it this way – this Pohela Boisaikh draping sharee became more important because we NEED to have a ‘Mangal Shoba Jatra’ kindred in our hearts as a reminder that the lockdown is not forever!


Let’s Focus On the Teaching of Pohela Boisakh

Pohela Boishakh is the welcoming of the Bengali New Year that is celebrated mostly by Southeast Asian countries, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The purpose of this New Year is to put the pain and the disappointments of last year behind and move forward with a lot of hope in heart.

Locally, we have had celebrated this day with pomp till now. We have created the record of having the longest Alpona in the world. On this day every house welcomes visitors with scrumptious Bengali cuisine – Panta-Elish is a must! Every shop opens a new ‘hal khata’ – a brand new trade account and, shopkeepers will welcome every customer with Bengali desert. This day is celebrated with ‘Melas’ everywhere and men would wear Punjabi and women would be the prettiest sight of beauty wearing her red-bordered white sharee.

The 14th April – Pohela Boisakh is known for being the most colorful Bengali festival. All these colors are actually a representation of hope and light – “The New Year that has come, we will make it big. WE WILL WIN IT.”


Why You MUST Celebrate Boishakh This Year

Yes, we are in quarantine and we must be for the greater good but do you know you only need milk powder as the main ingredient to make roshogolla at home? YouTube it!

Hey, you also have social media and it has kept you connected to your loved ones through video calls and memes (if not more!) till now. Use it.

The world is in tremendous pain but if Italy can still keep up their spirit high by singing and dancing while maintaining the social distance and spread it through the internet, you need to listen what they are trying to say: it’s a trying time and, we need to remind one another that THIS TOO WILL PASS.


So, Do This!

This Pohela Boisakh, please don’t forget to adorn yourself in red and white. Please help mom more and make that Bengali dish for lunch. Take pictures and, a lot of selfies! You must because now is when you cannot let yourself break. Spread the joy, because we will get through this.

Keep visiting https://cityalo.com/ to give yourself a daily reminder: we are not letting COVID-19 win!

Stay home. Stay safe.

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