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I Buy Nothing Less Than Self Investments

  • Farid Uz Zaman Al Azad
  • Farid Uz Zaman Al Azad
  • 05 Dec 2019

“The best investment you can make is in yourself”, said by the most successful investor of all time, Warren Buffet. His invaluable quote cannot be of more importance these days. The world is constantly changing. It’s becoming a place for the people who have the competency to survive, adapt and engage. Most of the people tend to think less and act more out of excitement. They don’t realize that they are one actually losing. They don’t consider what might be the final outcome of their current actions. They revolve around in quest of the similar happiness as long as they have the ability to fulfil it. Self-investment is always worth it. People should always take time to invest in themselves, the future depends on it.


Spend on Skills and Experiences Rather Than Stuff

Instead of extravagant purchasing, save money and learn a new skill or enroll in a new course. This is a habit of successful people. They always pursue new opportunities to develop themselves, to increase the productivity of their brain. It also helps to see the world and the people differently. No one knows where a life changing possibility shows up!

Books are The Best Friends

The best side of reading is that it is inexpensive. Reading is the cheapest self-investment available in the world. There are multiple free sources of pdf books and articles, as well as traditional physical copies in libraries. Reading books enhances knowledge and takes the reader in the world of imagination and amusement. The more versatile information the brain gets, the more creative it becomes.

Plan Your Activities and Set Goals

Proper planning takes a person miles, and setting goals is the best way of self-investment. Aiming to reach a target without setting the destination or planning how to reach there is like driving without map and wandering around. Planning and setting goals help the decision-making process much easier. Because, only then people can see what they want to achieve exactly.

Get into a ‘Work-Station”

As the proverb goes ‘A sound mind lives in a sound body’, working out has the advantages of disease prevention, better mood, lower body-fat and weight, increased energy and better sleep. Each of the benefits leads to a clearer and sharper thinking process.


Keep Track of Your Health

Saving money never goes in vain. Staying healthy ensures putting efforts towards achieving the target tirelessly, and for that regular checkups from doctors and their valuable instructions have utmost importance. By regularly checking up, one can easily evade a life-threatening disease which would cost more wealth and time. Prevention is always a better option than seeking cure.

Cooking Makes You the Most Efficient!

Major portion of our income is spent on buying food. Working-class people can save a lot if they only learn cooking. Most prepared and restaurant foods are not healthy and carry too much oil and fat. Cooking itself is an art and it can be a bonding activity with family and friends as well. This is a skill to master which comes with the benefit of better health and cost savings.

Go Witness the World

Rather than spending money on silly stuff, an intelligent person would save it. The best utilization of the saved money can be travelling, whether it is in home country or internationally. Travelling helps find a new meaning to the life. An explorer gets to know new people, new culture, new environment, gets exposed to new and brilliant ideas. It can often bring up a new concept of investment, which not only can change an individual, it can change the world forever.



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