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Iftars we should eat to keep us healthy in this weather

Are you intimidated by the thought of fasting for 15 hours in this heat? Fear not, we have some great advise on how to accomplish it.

  • Farid Uz Zaman Al Azad
  • Farid Uz Zaman Al Azad
  • 23 May 2019

Iftars we should eat to keep us healthy in this weather

Ramadan this year arrived at a time when our body, under the scorching heat of summer, asks for water frequently to stay hydrated. Muslims during this time do not eat or drink anything from sunlight till sunset. As such, it is important to learn and plan about what we should eat and drink in the most important meal of the day, Iftar. Iftar doesn’t mean that you have to eat as much as you can to make up for the hours you have fasted, instead the Iftar menu should consist of quality food which will replenish you after a full day’s fasting.

Prepare a balanced Iftar meal

This year fasts are going to last for more than 15 hours on some days. Therefore, with the utmost priority, we should focus on how we are going to break our fast and which food to have till Sehri. We should keep in mind that the food items must satisfy the need of water, vitamins, minerals. proteins and carbohydrates in our body. We should include natural and lightly-cooked food items as much as possible than the fried and oily items in our iftar platter.

Break your fast in the best possible way

Breaking the fast with Dates is good for your health. It will replenish your body with fluids and energy after a daylong fast as it contains high amount of natural sugar. Then you should drink a glass of water, sherbet or fruit juice. Avoid drinking too much drinks with added sugars during Iftar as too much sugar is always harmful for health.

Save the oil for your hair

Eating oily fried items such as piyaju, potato chop, egg chop, beguni, samosa, fried chicken, and pakoras should be kept to minimal. You can have kebabs, halim, tomato or vegetable soup, or grilled chicken shashliks as they contain less oil and more calories. You can have wheat tortilla (Ata Roti) with chicken/beef curry or chola batora, but not Parathas as it dries off our stomach and makes us feel thirsty.

Fruits for a complete Iftar

Fruits cover one of the most important portions of Iftar. Fruits provide all the vitamins you need and natural sugar and minerals as well. Adding diverse types of fruits such banana, apple, guava, grape, watermelon, and papaya is never excess, instead they are the best food items to eat in iftar. People who need to work after Iftar should eat plenty of fruits to stay hydrated and for quick energy boost, instead of having too much water or juice which would make them feel exhausted. Having natural cheese, yogurt, pudding, a glass of milk is also good choice in Iftar. Drinking carbonated drinks such as Coca Cola or Soda water must be avoided.

Maintaining 8 glass of water

A good tip to maintain the need for your water intake from Iftar till Sehri is to have two glasses of water at Iftar, and then having a glass after one-hour interval each till bedtime. You will be able to drink as much as 6 glasses before you sleep. Then drink 2 glasses of water at Sehri and you have completed your 8 glasses of water a day quota.

Enjoy your delightful Iftar

Have your Iftar slowly, don’t rush to finish quickly. It might cause uncomfortable situation or in some cases, even vomiting. It will also create gas and extra acid in your stomach. Finishing iftar with fruits or fruit juice is a good idea and it’s good for metabolism as well.

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself with delicious foods as long as you practice mindful eating. Wishing you a happy and blessed Ramadan Kareem.

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