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Infinity Pools outside Dhaka

  • Niladry Sabir
  • Niladry Sabir
  • 09 Jul 2019


Infinity Pools

The beauty behind these carefully placed forms of architecture that houses gallons of water is watching them merge with the surrounding landscape, as you look out into the horizon. The breathtaking view does not have to be a foreign experience. With the effort given in to the construction of tourism spots outside Dhaka, you can find some right here in Bangladesh.

Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa

Ranked to be one of the best resorts in Cox’s Bazar, the Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa has one of the first ever infinity pools in Bangladesh, with a view overlooking the sea in all its glory. While the premises itself consists of an ordinary pool, a quick walk away from the main hotel building will lead you to the corner of the infinity pool. Access to the pool is granted with renting of a room at the resort.

Sayeman Beach Resort

One of the most popular infinity pools in the area has been that of Sayeman Beach Resort; a request for recommendations will immediately have you receiving suggestions for this resort. With its location right in front of the beach, the view from the infinity pool would make you feel like you are taking a swim in the ocean.

The Palace Luxury Resort

Located in Bahubal, The Palace is one of the grandest resorts in Bangladesh. Unlike the others, this resort can be found amidst hills and lakes surrounded by greenery. The infinity pool at the deck gives an impression of being aligned with whatever the eyes can behold, which in this case happens to be a plethora of trees and hills. While it is a little pricey, this is definitely a place you should visit.

Neeshorgo Hotel & Resort

With a view of the Bay of Bengal and the beach stretching over the horizon, punctuated by green hillocks on another side, the infinity pool at Neeshorgo Hotel & Resort is a place that one would truly enjoy. When the sun is just about to set, while you are half submerged in the pool, you are bound to form irreplaceable memories. The pool is right beside the BBQ restaurant of the hotel, so you could easily enjoy a handsome meal right after a wonderfully relaxing swim.

Some places are worth exploring, simply because of the experience it will provide you. Infinity pools with their views, and good food right afterwards, will make your summer as tranquil as it gets.


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