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Is it Safe to Order Food Online?

  • Ishrat Jahan
  • Ishrat Jahan
  • 24 Apr 2020


Weeks into quarantine and you are already done showcasing your cooking skills. Home food doesn’t interest you anymore and your rantings on social media validates how much you miss the outside food. Just then, a pop-up of that BUY 1 Get 1 Free Pizza from your favourite restaurant, or an advert about home delivery circulated in your news feed makes your heart take a leap of faith. And, you without wasting a minute take your phone and order, right away!

But, when you are too busy devouring the food you ordered, lack of cautiousness and overexcitement can lead you to get you infected. Hence, to prevent the risk of being infected check out the few things you should vigilant about while ordering:

1.     Keys can kill:

Watch for the germs that can be hidden amidst your phone keys while you type to give that order online. It is important to keep sanitizing your phone alongside your hand and wash your hands before eating or putting them on your face to avoid being infected.

2.     Contactless Delivery:

Make sure that you instruct your delivery person to wear gloves while picking up your food and ask him to place it on the ground while delivering. Contactless delivery reduces the chances of the virus being transferred from them to you or vice versa. You will not be the only person they will be delivering to, so it is always important to ensure your own safety first. You can also check out Foodpanda’s contactless delivery option to ease out your hassle.


3.     Money Transfer:

The change you receive in exchange of the cash you pay might have passed many more hands before coming to you. Thus, it is advisable to make card payment to avoid being in contact. However, in case that is not an option make sure you are wearing gloves while you receive the change and wash your hand before placing them it in your mouth.


4.     Sanitize Away:

Before eating, make sure to sanitize the packet and then put your food out on the plate. The packet may contain germs and bacteria that can later get transferred to the food and then into your stomach without you realizing about it.

Once you’ve ensured all these safety measures have been taken, you can dig right onto that oozing pasta or put all that cheesy poutine into your mouth right away! Happy eating!


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