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Kindness is Feminine

  • Mashfique Haque
  • Mashfique Haque
  • 25 Nov 2019

Celebration of kindness is partly a celebration of femininity. Throughout ages men have always been inspired by women’s compassion, love, care, tenderness, and other warm qualities.

The first touch of love is experienced by a new-born by its mother, the love undoubtedly is the most superior form of kindness in the world. A mother tends to her baby’s every needs, feeds her child with uttermost care and intimacy, the love which is said to be worth more than a mountain of gold, the compassion which remains unbroken despite the passage of time.

It is said that blessed is a family which has a daughter; whereas there might often be fights and disputes between brothers, the sister always strives to resolve conflict and bring forth harmony and peace to the family by virtue of her love and empathy. She will often act as an intermediary between her parents and siblings when dispute reaches a deadlock, despite having to suffer through abuse herself.

 One of the marks of a superior woman is her attribute of kindness; a woman’s beauty and glamor is magnified a million fold when she is compassionate and caring. A man will often call her beloved lady using such terms as his “better half”, his “ministering angel”, or his “divine inspiration”. The luckiest of man is he who have a woman of compassionate soul by his side throughout his journey of life.

Pop-culture also refers to kindness as distinctly feminine as shown in the 2017 DC movie Wonder Woman. Born in a secluded island of mystical female warriors, Diana is a pure spirit who believes in the inherent goodness in men. Although unacquainted with the real world, she voluntarily intervenes between warring nations where despite encountering the evil of men, she inspires and leads people to end the war by virtue of her loving spirit. Diana is shown to be a kind, benevolent, and a super optimistic soul in a cruel, dark, murky world.

Kindness is feminine; kindness is contagious. A man touched with kindness is imbued with its divine quality and spreads it out to his next compatriot. The whole world touched by the spirit of such compassion has the potential to end war, poverty, despair, cruelty.  Let’s make November 13th, World Kindness Day, not only a day to celebrate kindness but also a day to celebrate the compassion of women. Let’s empower our women to make this world a better place. Let’s support City Alo.


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