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Let’s Talk, For Business

Bengali Women’s Guide to Networking

  • Marzan Jamia
  • Marzan Jamia
  • 15 May 2019

Let's Talk, For Business 


So you live in Bangladesh and have a bunch of good ideas to make some money. But what good money can be made if you do not have access to the right platforms or people, who would direct you to be successful? It is important that you interact with the right people to grow professionally and this is one area where you must live by the textbook definition of networking.

In School

Some of these platforms are within the people just in our surroundings. Say, you are a young adult in university gifted with the talent of art, writing or singing, being involved in clubs is a good place to start for often the club seniors branch out to even corporates where your skill may be acknowledged.

In Business

If you are a start-up or an aspiring entrepreneur, being pro-active on social media platforms is a good idea. LinkedIn is growing in Bangladesh. Even Facebook and Instagram is dedicated to marketing in this digital age. Every day, more budding businesses are finding a way to network on these platforms and goes up to the extent of going ‘Live’ to sell products and interact for personal selling. However, it is also important to filter out the ‘fake networks’ because like everything else, these social platforms have their downsides. 

In Events

Contradictory to Bangladesh 5 years back, the country today, especially Dhaka, is livelier in the spirit of being metropolitan. Numerous events make rounds over the weekends and more for professionals from all fields. When you initiate to attend these events, you are one step ahead of your competitors wanting to network. Be it art, music or trade, as a woman, there is a good chance that you will cut through the crowd and make an impression if you can represent yourself well.

 In Contacts

It is also a good idea to keep in touch with the people who had already made it big and is within your reach. Nothing beats the ‘old school’ method of networking over a cup of coffee or a meal. When you have the chance to sit face to face with someone and tell them your story or dreams with confidence, the chances are – you have won a long term network. Now this person can be someone from the family or someone you had the opportunity to work or associate with at some point. You can sell the sincerity that comes organically to you being a woman and offers the brownie points of your skills that will make it all reasonable.

Finally, no matter where you are standing in the game of networking, it is important that you do get involved every once in a while to volunteer. Regardless of the gender, a person who lends out a hand has more chances to win a firm hand back for it is a lot about impression!

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