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Places in Dhaka Where You Pay Less to Eat More

  • CityAlo
  • CityAlo
  • 18 Oct 2020

Places in Dhaka Where You Pay Less to Eat More

Food speaks to us with its smell, color, and taste. One delicious meal can be the quickest way to relieve your stress. On 16 October, World Food Day brings you a chance to celebrate food and meet your cravings. Here are five places where you can treat yourself with a little help from City Alo. You certainly deserve this.

Absolute BBQ Bangladesh

If a fiery hot live grill is your thing, then this is the perfect place for you. Their mouth-watering BBQ specialized buffet will blow your mind off in smokes. You will be overwhelmed by choices with almost 40 items from starters to desserts. Located at Dhanmondi, you can enjoy their buffet with a 10% discount with your City Alo debit card.

Shaw's Steakhouse

Meet your premium quality meat here in this breathtaking steakhouse at Gulshan. Their elegant interior and no compromise on the quality of steak will give you the premium experience you deserve. They offer a wide range of quality steaks and seafood dishes. You do not need to break your bank with a 15% discount by the City Alo debit card.

Royal Cuisine

Who doesn't want to enjoy their food with a breathtaking skyline and rooftop view? Located at Uttara, you will always find an airplane flying by while indulging in the delicious 50+ item buffets. You will find a variety of widespread cuisine in their menus. Thai, Chinese, or Indian - you name it, and you will find something to meet your needs. You can enjoy a 10% discount with your City Alo debit card.

The Green Lounge

Dining in a green environment amidst the urban skyline might seem like a dream. Located at Karwan Bazar, this restaurant is the perfect place to escape the noisy city life. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to enjoy the rain while enjoying your delicious meal. In this restaurant, you can get a 10% discount through the City Alo debit card.

Thyme Restaurant

Continental, oriental, seafood, and Indian, these four types of food are always available here to make it a multi-cuisine restaurant. The amenities are impressive, ranging from a live kitchen, family zone to a couple zone to make your dining experience astounding. The cherry on top is that the food is affordable by a massive 18% discount if you use your City Alo debit card.

Given the present situation with Covid-19, it is vital to support local businesses. Supper at a restaurant can also be refreshing. And as City Alo offers discounts, you can allow yourself to take a break from all the tensions and sit with a nice plate of meal in front of you. 

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