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Places You Need To Visit on Eid!

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  • Marzan Jamia
  • Marzan Jamia
  • 03 Jun 2019


Friends hangout in a restaurant

So you got that perfect salmon-pink kameez for Eid and matched it up with a pearly clutch, made your beau get a matching punjabi and know how you two are going to pose to startle everyone but, the chemistry might still miss out that fine touch of being dreamy if you are not in a venue chic enough! Hence, we got you a list of places you could go to this Eid and also places that might just make you feel how small Dhaka is when you bump into familiar faces!



Nestling in a prime zone of Banani 11, this place is everything fancy! Right from their counters, to beautiful boxes kept aside for packaging every bit of this restaurant has intricate detailing. The place is selfie-friendly with ornamented furnitures and gorgeous lighting plus, you get to order from the pretty looking macaroons to lobster John Cardinal!


O’ Play

Designed by 4 successful working moms who kept in mind to bring together children and grown-up for happier rendezvous, this place is all people can talk about, especially the ones who have children at home. With areas planned with care for children with all kind of facilities, the rest of the restaurant is top-notch and designed in terms of great interior and gourmet food that kept winning hearts throughout Ramadan.


Butlers Chocolate Café

Having been around for a while now, Butlers redefined the chocolate experience for Dhaka dwellers. The idea of Eid day get together over their pouring Marshmallow Hot Chocolate is only legit and you could also buy one or two of their luxury chocolate boxes as gifts for your dear ones!


The Red Chamber

For a fine dining experience on Eid night with authentic Chinese cuisine, that is if you are planning on dodging dawats, this place could be perfect for you! The interior of The Red Chamber has a majestic feel to it making it even more photogenic for your posts on the social networking sites! And, maybe this place is something that you need if you want to take a break from the overwhelming celebration of the festival for a while.


Horse And Horse

Being on their ‘A game’, Horse And Horse initially attracted the lively Dhaka through luring them into the gorgeous floral decorations with chandeliers dedicated to photographs and being so good at it that the decoration might as well give complex to the wedding photo booths! Elevating from that point, the pretty restaurant had also made a point to its customers throughout Ramadan that why they must be chosen also for food! Good food, great interior and a thousand stars for lighting: you know you will go to Horse And Horse and if not, your friends will surely drag you there! And, as a brownie point, it has North End Coffee under the same roof so even the late hours of its validation here.


Marble Slab Creamery

Sticking to being traditional, an ice-cream outing is a must on Eid! Understanding this need, Marble Slab Creamery caters to it right from the moment one enters their ice-cream shop with a greeting of freshly baked waffle cones aroma sweetly blowing the person away! It does not even matter whether you are a red velvet person or a dark chocolate person because the chances are, you will get lured into all their flavors! There is even a soft opening to their yet another branch in the Kemal Ataturk Avenue on Chad-raat so now you know, it’s time you grab a spoon!


The Way Dhaka

Preaching to the Choir and living up to the sisterhood of The Westin, Amari, Four Points By Sheraton and Regency, The Way Dhaka is yet another kid on the block contributing to the spirit of Eid and bringing in better chances to bump into someone you know but someone you will not plan your Eid hangout with (sneaky!). The place has it all to give you that posh edgy vibe and how is even Eid complete if you do not make it to one of them?!


Speaking of completion, the customs of Eid in Dhaka had certainly evolved around what is trending so yes, you have more options to spend your Eidi on and, just in case if your clutch is petite and pretty to just give you enough room for your lipstick and bank card, our City AMEX card pays in all these places!


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