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Quarantine: Keeping the Kids Engaged

  • Ishrat Jahan
  • Ishrat Jahan
  • 09 Apr 2020

While the world revolves around the pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult to keep the children engaged. What might seem like an abrupt preponed summer vacation to children might appear out to be quite a daunting task for parents.

If you are struggling to confine your kids within four walls for quarantine, here’s a list of interesting activities that can help ease your stress:

1.     The Sunday Show:

Heat up some popcorn and convert your drawing room into a theatre every Sunday. Quarantine doesn’t mean you always have to do something productive. Good movies can impart great moral lessons to children, and hence watching educational films for kids can help them obtain new knowledge and information on a variety of subjects.


Here’s a list of movies that might get the children interested and you stress-free for a while: 1. Finding Nemo 2. The Story of Mankind 3. The Sound of Music 4. Toy Story II 5. The Incredibles 6. Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory 7. The Lion King 8. Happy Feet 9. Living on One Dollar 10. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind


2.     Brushing up Skills:

Revisit down the memory lane and think of things you wanted to do as a child but couldn’t due to studies. Learn a new skill like painting or strumming a musical instrument and enjoy failing at it together with your children.


3.     Quarantine Gaming:

Become the gaming partner your child might miss as schools remain under a lockdown.  Team up and encourage your child into playing indoor games like Ludo, carrom, chess or help them solve puzzles or workbook exercises that might help increase their analytical abilities.


4.     The Handwash Challenge:

You can teach your children to sing rhymes while washing hands for 20 seconds and keep a money bank where they’d have to pay 5 Taka every time, they forget to wash their hands after two hours.


5.     Bedtime Stories

Help your children grow a habit of reading you a story before going to sleep, this will allow them to learn new words and vocabulary and encourage them to read more.


6.     Healthy Habits:

Kids may feel entertained sometimes doing chores with you. It keeps children occupied and help them grow up as a responsible person. The quarantine can be a good time to help them grow healthy habits like organizing their own wardrobe, sorting out their own dirty laundry, cleaning their beds or watering plants , etc.


7.     Earn Your Screen Time:

Staying at home quarantine might get children hooked over the internet or virtual games of PS4 or other devices. Creating a routine at home for their other activities would allow them to have a balance. You may create a system that will let them earn their screen time every day if other activities in the routine are done properly.

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