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Safety list for the female traveler

  • Nusaira A. Hassan
  • Nusaira A. Hassan
  • 11 Aug 2019

Travelling through Bangladesh is an adventure in itself, but are you prepared to take on the unpredictable weather? Or even the pesky mosquitoes?
It is not really possible to prepare oneself for every form of uncertainty, but a few essential items in the backpack of the female traveler can ensure quite the smooth journey through the many attractive spots that constitute our diverse Bangladesh.

The Durable Shoes

The importance of appropriate footwear cannot be stressed enough.  Whether you are a woman or a man, make sure to carry comfortable multipurpose sneakers that can deal with mud, rain-water, or the dusty roads in Dhaka, or even the hilly terrain of Sylhet.

The Scarf

A must-have in every woman’s backpack is the quintessential scarf. It is a simple clothing item that can be found in almost any kind of shop that sells women’s clothes. With a budget starting from a mere BDT 200 to almost BDT 1500 or more, different types of scarves can be found, in all sizes and colors. From using it to keep yourself warm, covering your head when you are entering a mosque or any other religious place, scarves can serve quite a number of purposes.

The First-Aid Kit

A first-aid kit should be one of the first things anyone decides to carry on a trip. Antiseptic wipes, along with Band-Aids, costing only BDT 5 per strip, is some of the common items that should be included. Also, aspirin and bandages must also be a part of the kit. Anti-diarrhea tablets should be carried as well; one can never predict if food-poisoning is around the corner or not, and trying out new types of dishes can always take a toll on one’s stomach. Apart from that, hiking or swimming in the sea can be particularly straining on the muscles, so a small can of pain-relief spray or capsules of painkillers can save the day in that scenario.

The Pepper Spray

For ladies travelling alone, a pepper spray may come in handy to ward off muggers or thugs. This small device, costing around BDT 1800, can fit in their palms, and provide ample time to make a get-away.


The Personals

Just to be on the safe side, women should carry tampons and sanitary napkins. A small packet can cost around BDT 60.

Lastly, the hotel you book is possibly the most integral part of any trip so pick carefully and enjoy your wanderlust!

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