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Santa Calling: Shop Better For Christmas

  • Marzan Jamia
  • Marzan Jamia
  • 24 Dec 2019

Despite all the festive cheer and time with loved ones that come with the holiday season, it can also be a stressful time if you plan on buying gifts for everyone in your life. Even with the majority of this country belonging to the Muslim community, we practice harmony being secular at heart. Therefore, right from 25th December, the holiday season sets in through the pretty Christmas lights on the street and the biggest stores welcoming in shoppers with their dramatic discounts! The festivity continues till the New Year.

Shopping for Christmas and, the holiday season can be daunting without a guide because your village of people comes with unique and diverse taste and hobbies! So, here is a list that might as well impress your loved one while showing them the effort you made and, let to have an inside gloat because it was budget friendly!


For Moms & Dads

They are the home themselves as well as the institution! Hence, you might as well get them something that goes with their role. Buy mom that home appliance that she always wanted but every time she forgot to get herself just that because she got too occupied with your shopping list. You saw that spark in dad’s eyes when he saw that brown loafer, get him exactly that! But also add a little drama of surprise for they will adore you (though secretly!) more for that!


For Siblings & Cousins

You see them going gaga on the best deal online because, let’s face it, they got hit by the online shopping wave! It’s not a bad thing entirely, also because now it makes your life easier! Sneakily keep a note of what they were checking out from SEPHORA and other yearend sales bundle! Also be aware of Black Friday deals. You might as well find something for the boys for there is a whole section of ‘For Him’ presents.


For Aunties & Uncles

Aunties love hosting dinner parties so why not give her some that she will be able to display proudly at her next get to gather? Buy her the new teapot that comes with a candle or a fancy gold rimmed white mosaic dinner plates, she will love it! If your uncle feels good bringing in the culture into the family, buy him some exotic coffee bean and a French Press!


For Bestfriends

For your girl gang, you can always get something you all have an emotional attachment with! Like that cute piece for your and, their room inspired from Disney. It’s perfect because you all are in denial of growing up. Get it together because it will add more value! For your boys, buy tickets to Laser War, you all will fight eachother and, have a blast!


For Love

Love is beautiful so should be the present too, plus a touch of sensitivity! Buy her some vanilla scented candles so when she lit it in her room, she will miss you more! Buy him something electronic that he can use to do his work better, he will appreciate it. Most importantly, make sure to spend quality time in this beautiful season and, find a way to hug each other when the cold wind blows! The city is full of offers starting right from top notch hotel’s dining in to cafes.


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