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Self-care is NOT Selfish

  • Marzan Jamia
  • Marzan Jamia
  • 28 Oct 2019

Your first home will always be the physical you, your being in body and in mind. That is enough reason why caring for self must be made a priority. Unfortunately, it might as well be synonymous for ‘selfish’ to some! It should not be. Here are some more (if you still need it) reasons why:


You Know YOU

When you have made it a daily-ritual to dedicate some time to yourself, you will explore more about self because while doing life, we fit ourselves in a box. We have ourselves figured out only to the point that works for everybody else. The mere surface. But often, the real us is much more than the picked-traits of people around us. We are much more than our genes and generations that we are exposed to and imitations of those who made it big!


Nourish Self to Nurture

No matter how strongly you may want to, you cannot be there for another person if you are not in a good place yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. A broken vase cannot hold flowers so if you want to continue loving the people in your life, you need to love yourself first because taking care of another person is a commitment itself that takes genuine effort.


You Experience Life Better

Wake up, eat, work and, sleep. Life is much more than staying stuck in a rut. Either you choose to just exist or you decide to live. You do have a choice to start living before your retirement because life is also about embracing moments of joy and not just about responsibilities and paying bills. Self-care is a process to valuing self and having a wider perspective.


You Know What You Want 

When you love yourself adequately, you will put yourself in a position not to be a people pleaser. You will know what works for you. The job that you want to do or don’t want to do. You will design your life which will only give you fulfilling relations and a picture where seeing yourself, you will be satisfied. Also, only when you know yourself enough, you can detach from guilt, regret and chaos. Things that can easily intrude into your life otherwise through confusion.


It Is Empowering

When one knows herself, she does wonders!

It is very important to listen to your gut. As important as those emails may be or balancing life and work may be, when you have made it a practice to take some time out for yourself, you will come up with plans to not just survive but thrive. Self-care is a pathway to make it your best self. At City Alo, women are constantly encouraged to expand their wing to reach their optimum levels, to know more visit https://cityalo.com/.


It Gives You the Right Motivation

There will be bad days. Days when the clients may not agree with the pitch, children may not score as expected of when nothing will feel good for no specific reason. For some, it is easy to bounce back when that bad day hits while others never quite know how to function through. This is where motivation comes into play.

Self-care is a lot about self-acceptance. One must have it clear in mind that perfection is unattainable and look out for the bigger picture as motivation. There will be mistakes, hurdles and many silent battles but when you have accepted that your job is not to be perfect but to win at life through new reasonable flaws. Having this level of acceptance comes from courage. Self-care gives birth to courage!


You Win Physically

Enough glasses of water, sunlight, laughter, eating right and exercise will undoubtedly be in your list as your self-care squad, that is, if you are a self-caring person. This is not difficult but just a matter of having little changes here and there. Now, something that gives you better health to do more and be more, can never be selfish. Women are more prone to self-negligence because while attaining everyone else’s need, the often forget themselves.


There is a thin line between self-care and narcissism. What is perceived as the later, is a product of what is selfish. What makes you grow and know self-worth can never be selfish. Self-care is being true to self which should be made a priority. A tree can give fruits and shade only when it is green.

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