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Sheikh Mujibur Rahman: The inspiration of a million Bengali Women

  • Abu Tarek Md Tahsin
  • Abu Tarek Md Tahsin
  • 15 Mar 2020


Who was Sheikh Mujibur Rahman?

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, popularly known as Bangabandhu or Friend of Bengal was born on 17th March, 1920 in Tungipara, a village in Gopalganj District of the province of Bengal during British India.

He was an inspiration for both men and women alike.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, also titled ‘the Father of the Nation of Bangladesh’, was one of the most popular politicians and statesman of South Asia during his time. His remarkable achievements include the liberation of the Bengali people and serving as the first President of Bangladesh.


How did Sheikh Mujibur Rahman inspire Bengali women?

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman throughout his entire life was a beacon of hope for the oppressed and marginalized Bengali. He had a great following amongst ordinary women, who were neglected in male-dominated East Pakistan.

He gave women, through the liberation of Bangladesh, the power to flourish in the society both economically and politically. He inspired them to the point that the nation got to be served by an able and influential female political leader like Professor Begum Budrunnesa Ahmad.

Begum Budrunnesa Ahmed was elected three times as a member of parliament and was one of the first female ministers of independent Bangladesh.


Sheikh Mujibur Rahman: The inspiration of a million Bengali Women

Even today the Father of the Nation - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman inspires countless people in Bangladesh to strive for a “Golden Bengal”.

It is under the guidance of his daughter – the current Prime Minister of the country Sheikh Hasina, the country has set a foot forward in gender equality and women empowerment. Her extraordinary contributions towards social and economic development of Bangladesh has transformed the country for good.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, much like her father, pushes for the rise of women and is an exhibition herself of being brought up with feminism mentality which only a strong father can provide.


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