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Strange Agencies in Dhaka

Although they may operate in established industries, the following agencies stand well apart in terms of creativity. Let us look at some strange agencies in Dhaka which you didn't know about.

  • Rohon Newaz
  • Rohon Newaz
  • 27 Jun 2019

Different, is the word to explain these businesses. Although they may operate in established industries, the following agencies stand well apart in terms of creativity.




There’s a chance you saw their name painted unimpressively on street walls and shopping mall pillars. Even if you Google Jony Art, chances are you won’t find their website. They don’t have one. But Jony here runs one of the most successful marketing platform businesses in Dhaka.

They basically rent outdoor and indoor billboards, signboards, walls, murals, roofs, staircase signs, police boxes, street dividers, airport tapestries etc, you name it, and sell advertising space. Seems like a regular Joshim business? Maybe it was when it stated in 1986, being named after the Bengali Hit movie “Jony” starring Sohel Rana. But today, they are responsible for many of the LED signs, wall paintings, open-air screens and street art you see today. Best part? They’re all approved by City Corporation.  

Contact: +8801715078378




“I am engaged in this job for about 44 years. About 14,000 marriages were successfully done in my hands. My interview was circulated many times in TV channels like BTV also different kinds of newspapers including The Guardian,” says Mr. Ghotok Pakhi, the self-proclaimed Bangladeshi Love Guru. Silliness aside, his business isn’t as giggly as we may read it to be here, especially in areas outside of urban reach. Applicants from America, Canada, London, Australia and even Europe have found sustainable partners through his firm. To boot, he is even a state-approved divorce counselor.

Website: www.ghotokpakhivaibd.com




“We make awesome stuff.” Their tagline says it all. Studio Bangi is a creative studio run by extraordinary people from various fields of interests since 2011. They have mad skills in architecture, motion graphics, music, sound design, computer programming, and art installations. Rebels by nature, their unique versatility allows them to ‘cross over’ art and practicality into various domains and dimensions. For a taste of their imagination, the Star Wars WASA Water Tank in Gulshan 2 circle was their creation.

Check them out: https://vimeo.com/studiobangi?fbclid=IwAR0BudD1bSXamt8uftwqOugbzRL-GaSIfiG63FPhpNJIDB9Qs_lpmXJ5KcA




Writing has always been a passion in our culture, and this little business took it a whole new level. SteamPug Content is a community of over 70+ writers and editors, who simply write for you. Whether it’s blogs, web content, brochures, magazines, or even biographies, they’ll handle your wordly needs with precision. But what’s funny is that they have no office space, and is one of the few fully online business modeled startups of today. All writers work from home or their favorite coffee shops under the guidance of the business. They often take local writers in and serve multiple private and public firms in the country. Check out their activities, especially if you wish to write or need specialized content.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SteamPugWriters

Website: www.steampugcontent.org

Mobile: 01754874714


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