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The Unspoken Language of a Woman

  • Marzan Jamia
  • Marzan Jamia
  • 21 Feb 2020

A special pride of being a Bengali comes from the fact that we are the pioneers of the International Mother Language Day. Bangladesh is the only nation that fought to establish the significance of the mother tongue. Today, we celebrate the day by giving a special tribute to what we say, and how beautifully we say it.

As powerful as it is, the strength of language actually goes beyond words that you can linguistically hear. What is unspoken can be equally as impacting as what is spoken. For instance, a woman communicates volumes every day without speaking a word but affecting your actions regardless.


She assures.

Think of it this way, the idea that your child is in school in the presence of female staff members calms your motherly heart against most worries. You know your ‘precious’ will be taken care of.

Women are ideal in such areas in comparison to the average man. She empathizes easier, understands sooner, gives logical yet emotionally suitable solutions.


She calms.

Have you noticed? There is always a woman involved where a group has to be addressed on a high-risk activity. It can be her in the role of an air-hostess on a flight or nurses at a hospital. It is her immediate calming capability which sets her apart in many industries.


She controls.

Perhaps accounted to her natural motherly instincts, a woman provides a nurturing aura as the leader of a company. No matter the hardship and challenges of the business, you can count on her to stand strong in protecting her passion and people above all else. Not just her revenue.


She comforts.

Generally speaking, the presence of a woman is more a source of immediate comfort rather than intimidation, fear or respect. She has a way of delivering the very best of combined intelligence and compassion, simply by being present.




This, we value at City Alo.

This loving aura has been made a priority at the City Alo flagship branch that is dedicated to providing services to women. It is common that when a woman walks in through a bank door, she has a hundred questions on her mind clad in stress, perhaps expecting complicated banking procedures and fearing her problems would not be taken seriously enough. Now, who else can understand and manage that, better than another woman?


We listen to what you speak, without speaking a word. Come by soon!

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