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Victorious Us: 16th December

  • Marzan Jamia
  • Marzan Jamia
  • 15 Dec 2019

Feeling like a victor, let’s talk look back at the historical-win day of this nation that we proudly call Bangladesh.


Why Is 16th December Important To Us?

After a long 9 month of armed struggle, sacrificing a lot of lives and huge bloodshed, valiant Bengalis claimed the victory on this very day. After oppressing the freedom seeking of this land the Pakistani attacking force surrendered to the people on this very day. With this surrender of the Pakistani forces it came to an end of a two and a half decades of exploitation and deprivation of the Pakistanis. The nation got free from persecution and oppression.

The glorious moment of independence of Bangladesh did not come just in a day. Behind this lies the history of sweaty struggles of the nation. And if anyone would be thought as the great commander of these struggles the name of the greatest Bengali of thousand years the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman would always be there. Bangabandhu means Bangladesh. Bangabandhu means freedom. Bangabandhu means our new entity. His existence belongs every inch of the 55 thousand square miles of the land.

Bengalis gave their blood in the British colonial age. Struggled against oppression, exploitation and deprivation. In the struggles and movements of about 200 years, this Bengali nation has sacrificed the most bloods. On 1947, Bangali nation’s efforts were there in establishing a state called Pakistan. Bengalis were the main architect behind the making of Pakistan. But it took only a few years to get out of the disillusion. The oppression and exploitation, for which they had driven away the British, the same came to their lives in Pakistan in a few years. That begun the struggles of a new era. Pakistanis considered the people of this land their underlings. Bengalis were being relived in terms of economically and politically and in every aspect. They even refused to accept the electoral results. The turning points of history against them came in the form of 52’s Language movement, 66’s Historical 6 point demand movement and 69’s mass revolt etc. The final blow was the result of the election of 1970s. A new chapter begun. On the glorious day of 7th March, Bangabandhu declared in his thunderous proclamation, “Struggle of this time, is the struggle for freedom, this struggle is our struggle for independence”. This proclamation brought new enthusiasm to the nation, brought craziness for the desire for freedom. About 90 thousand Pakistani soldiers accepted the defeat through surrender on this day at the Race Course Ground. To observe the glorious Victory day Bangladesh is decorated as new. Whole country is decorated with the Red and Green flags.

At the dawn of this morning a 31 times gun salute will be done through cannon fires initiating the day. Today is government holiday. National flags will be hoisted with glory on every buildings of the country today. Honorable President Mohammad Abdul Hamid Advocate and Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave separate speeches marking the day.


In Present Day,

We are entitled to feel free, at least by history and we do feel like winners because not only the Bangladesh we know today allows us to dream but also empowers us to turn them into reality.

This freedom is surreal, even more because women has a stronger voice now.

However, we also dream to celebrate this day even more when we all will be safe on the street completely regardless of our gender, the hour and, regardless of the fact that whether we are on our own or in company.



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