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Voice of Women in Bangladesh

  • Abu Tarek Md Tahsin
  • Abu Tarek Md Tahsin
  • 20 Oct 2019

According to the latest surveys from the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, in 2017 Bangladesh had an estimated population of 162.7 million of which 81.3 million were women. Bangladesh gained Independence in 1971 and since then women have played an equal if not greater role in nation building.

The fact remains that women are still marginalized in our society in spite of increasing literacy rates. Financial independence is essential for women to empower them in society and help them play an ever increasing important role economically and socially.

The Gender Gap between males and females in Bangladesh is also decreasing with increasing political empowerment for women, increasing job prospects and better educational opportunities.

Although Bangladesh has not elected a male prime minister since 1988 it still has a long way to go for properly addressing women rights.

Women from the past have played an important role for promoting women rights here in Bangladesh, beginning with Begum Rokeya - A pioneering writer, social worker and feminist thinker from the time of British India. She advocated for equality for women and women liberation through education. Begum Rokeya has left us back in 9 December 1932.

We still have many unknown Begum Rokeya in present day Bangladesh who are trying to give a voice to women rights and women empowerment in Bangladesh.

The government of Bangladesh has taken many constructive steps in the Fiscal Year 2019 budget for women empowerment which includes an initiative to setup 5,292 clubs in 489 upazilas of 64 districts for awareness building and training against gender based violence.

As a nation we have made a lot of progress over the years, but the voices of women in today’s Bangladesh is still marred by a patriarchal society. Men still try to dominate in household affairs as well as in workplaces, especially the more so in rural areas of Bangladesh.

We have seen many Non-Governmental Organizations trying to help build the nation and the society at large by empowering women with traditional skills like farming, sewing, pottery, cattle raising for milk or meat, etc. in rural areas of Bangladesh.

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