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World Tourism Day: Plan your next trip safely

  • Rahat Rahman
  • Rahat Rahman
  • 28 Sep 2020

You might have planned a trip to remember or bought tickets for a beautiful destination this summer. But it all got canceled. Well, you are not the only one.


Now What?


2020 has been a rough year so far, especially for the tourism industry and tour lovers. With Covid-19, lockdowns, and travel restrictions, a lot of famous tourism places have recorded their lowest number of visitors.


However, things are looking good for some countries like New Zealand and Australia, where the numbers of Covid-19 patients have reduced. There are also some countries like Indonesia, Maldives, Egypt, Sweden & Germany that have opened International borders and are preparing for visitors.


As the 27th September approaches, the world prepares for World Tourism Day, this time a bit differently. This time the world aims to promote safe and healthier means of traveling because it is still going to take some time to get used to the "New Normal."


As for your plans, there is always next year. By this time next year, the world will have healed, and because of reduced pollution, the outside world may look even better.


Take this time to plan your next trip. Make a checklist and a budget. A lot of tours & plans fail at the last moment because of budget constraints. To make sure everything works out fine, start saving from now.



City Alo to the Rescue!


The best idea would be to save a fixed amount every month until the day of your trip. But saving can sometimes be difficult, especially when you have all that extra cash with you at all times, which is why it is best to put it in a bank.


Here, a DPS account can come in handy. There are plenty of banks that have exciting offers in the DPS account. For instance, the bank City Alo offers a Goal-Based DPS account where you can save your money for 6 to 120 months.


All you have to do is open an account with 500tk and select a savings plan that will require you to deposit a fixed amount every month. You will also receive interests after the time ends.


Now that you have your budget problem sorted out, you will know how much cash you can spend on your next trip. All of these make planning easy and convenient.


If you want to enjoy your next trip to the fullest, you better start saving now!


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